The APNA Strategic Plan: Long-Range Goals

APNA’s Long-term Envisioned Future (10+ years)

APNA will be the recognized leader in advancing psychiatric-mental health nursing to improve the mental health of the population.

What the psychiatric-mental health nursing profession and APNA will look like when our envision future is achieved.

Psychiatric-mental health nursing:

  • PMH nurses at all levels will be delivering evidence-based care.
  • PMH nurses will be recognized for their collaborative efforts with organizations and consumers.
  • PMH nurses will be core members of any health care team.
  • PMH nurses will be included in the regulatory standards.
  • Research by PMH nurses informs evidence-based practice and will be flourishing.
  • PMH nursing will be considered a reimbursable service
  • PMH nursing will be a preferred career path.
  • PMH nursing will have increased participation in prevention, early intervention and education.

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association:

  • Has an increased membership growth rate annually.
  • Enjoys increased recognition.
  • Is the identified source for all PMH nurses.
  • Is recognized by policy makers for its expertise.
  • Provides the model for leadership development in the future.
  • Is the source of all evidence-based mental health and substance use disorders interventions in health care.
  • Is the catalyst for improving the quality of PMH nursing education.
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