APNA Continuing Education: Integrated Physical and Mental Health Care

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1012 Collaborative Primary Care and Behavioral Health Care


1013 Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Mental Health and Substance Abuse 2.0
1017 Collaborative Care: Holistic and Psychopharmacology Approaches to Organizing the Evidence 2.0 Rx
1022 What’s a Psychiatric Nurse to Do? Exploring Roles and Competencies in Integrated Care 1.25
1032 The Transition to Behavioral Health Consultant: Successes and Missteps 1.75
1042 Integrating Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing and Palliative Care Nursing: Building Bridges to Improve Outcomes 1.0
1043 The Missing Vital Sign: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Impact on the Epigenome, Behavioral Health and the Critical Need for Nurses to Practice Trauma Informed Care 1.75
2011 Integrating Psych Throughout the Curriculum: the Why, the What, the How 0.75
2012 Integrating Psychotherapy and Medication Prescribing in Advanced Practice 0.75 Rx
2022 Enhancing Cultural Competence with Cultural Neuroscience and Ethno-Psychopharmacology: Starting an Interdisciplinary Dialogue 0.75 Rx
2032 The Newly Created Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Role within the Sex Offender Division of the Judicial Branch;  Integration of Mental Health into Primary Health Care Setting: What is the Role of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses? 0.75
2033 Going Back to School: APRNs Find Ways to Improve Access to Mental Health Care;  Processes of Disease Management and Treatment Use in Adolescent Depression 0.75
2035 Impact of Primary Nursing in a High Dependency Psychiatric Care Unit in Singapore: Patients’, Caregivers’ & Nurses’ Perspectives; Behavioral Health Nurses and the Initiation and Sequelae of Rapid Response Team (RRT) Calls 0.75
2037 Building Relationships through Collaboration: An Interprofessional Project Impacting Substance Use in Rural Areas; An Education Program to Address Patient and Colleague Substance Misuse in Anesthesia 0.75
2038 The Tidal Model: A New Perspective for Psychiatric Nurses; Interprofessional Model of Geropsychiatric Care in a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly 0.75
2044 Creating a "Culture" of Recovery: Connecting Cultural Contexts and Recovery for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses 0.75
3017 The New Confidential! Integrated Electronic Health Records and Privacy; Tracking Outcomes of a New De-Escalation Management Training Program 0.75
3018 The Unique Role of the Psychiatric Nurse in Emergency Behavioral Health 0.75
3022 One Step Closer Toward Integration: Implementation of a Collaborative Care Model at a Rural Virginia Free Medical Clinic 0.75
3023 Transforming Psychiatric Mental Health Care in a Pediatric Hospital Setting 0.75
3032 The Impact of Evidence-based Interventions on Patient Depression Outcomes in an Integrated Psycho-Oncology Program 0.5
3033 Expanding Roles: The APRN in the Pediatric Residential Treatment setting 0.75
3042 The Chronic Care Model and Persons with Severe Mental Illness: An Integrated Approach to Care 0.75
3047 Implementing a Behavioral Emergency Response Team (BERT): A Performance Improvement Strategy to Address Workplace Violence 0.5
4012 Integrating a FQHC Primary Care Clinic within a Mental Health Agency: Opportunities, Challenges and Lessons Learned 0.75
4013 Development of an Educational Program to Promote Integration of Infant Mental Health Assessment and Intervention into an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Operated Primary Care Clinic 0.75
4022 Primary Care within a Community Mental Health Center: An Innovative Approach to Whole-Person Care 0.75
4026 Transforming Psychiatric Mental Health Care to Recovery Oriented Practice with an Inter-Professional Team 0.5
4028 Bridging the Gap between Crisis and Care: How to Effectively Integrate a Psychiatric Emergency Care with Outpatient Management in a Community Hospital 0.75
4031 Dual Certification in Primary and Psychiatric Mental Health Care for Advanced Practice Nurses: A Health Care Delivery Innovation 0.75
4032 How Effective is a Nurse Managed Clinic for Integrated Behavioral Health Care? 0.5
4038 An Alternative to Emergency Departments for Individuals in Mental Health Crises: The Living Room Program 0.5
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1014 Building Interprofessional Bridges in Graduate Nursing Education: Preparing Graduates for Leadership in Collaborations that Improve Mental Health Outcomes 1.75
1015 Building a PMH-APRN Business: Strategies to Grow and Shake the Money Tree 2.0
1022 'Mixing Models': Creating Synergy in a Transdisciplinary Environment 1.5
2025 Integrated Care: What's Missing in Current Practice Models? 0.75
3023 Lessons from the Front: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Providing Health Care Integration 0.75
3033 Integrating Behavioral Health in a Primary Care Clinic 0.75
Podcasts from the 26th Annual Conference (11/2012): Contact Hrs
1023 Behavioral Health Integration: Evolution, Experience, and Excitement! 1.75
3015 "MINDFUL CARE" Model: PMH-APRN Model for Biopsychosocial Integration and Treatment 0.75
Rx = The content of this CNE activity pertains to pharmacology. Because states' requirements may vary, contact your Board of Nursing for more information.


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