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Jessica Camp
I would like to be a part of our Arkansas Chapter by becoming a Member-at-Large. I've worked in mental health in various roles over the years and I think we can make a huge difference in the lives of lots of Arkansans if we can pool our knowledge and strengths together through collaboration and networking.

Jessica Fowler
Hello! My name is Jessica Fowler, and I live in Bentonville. I graduated with my BSN in 2004 and have been practicing as an RN for the last 9 years. I have had a diverse career holding positions of staff nurse, nurse manager, utilization review manager, and clinical instructor. I am currently finishing up the APRN program with a psychiatric specialty through UAMS with an expected graduation date of May 2014.I enjoy being active in my community and promoting nursing as a profession (especially psychiatric nursing). As a member at large, I would bring enthusiasm and a wide variety of contacts within the mental health community from Northwest Arkansas as assets to AR-APNA.

Juli Lane
My primary job is teaching psychiatric nursing at the BSN level. I am eager to keep myself updated to trends and nursing strategies, as well as integrate students into the professional role. As a CNE with an MSN in Community-Psychiatric Nursing, I would like to see changes in our health care system which brings true healing to those needing mental health treatment. Just as important to me personally, I practice as a SANE-P nurse at White County Children's Safety Center. The recognition, voice and care given to sexual abuse survivors is paramount for families to recover and thrive. Nurses need to be leaders in this area of recovery.

Amber Marts
I am a relatively new nurse and will graduate from UAMS and hopefully become a PMHNP in May 2014. I went to nursing school with the sole intention of doing "psych". I will never forget the looks on my classmates faces when I said it that first day. I have experience with all age groups but the pediatrics field is where I have worked the most. I love teenagers and really hope to get to do some presentations in the local high schools once I have time. The realm of forensic nursing is really where I plan to land someday and hope to get some post graduate course work done in the field. I also have a lot of personal experience in the realm of developmental disorders and used to do a lot of volunteer work with families of children with developmental disorders and hope to again.

Sharon Stone
As a member of APNA since 2005, and a psychiatric nurse educator, I desire to become a member-at-large of the AR chapter of ARNA. Advancement in knowledge and awareness of mental illness for both professional nurses and the community is an interest I possess.

Donald Wleklinski
I have been president of local and state nursing as well as president and founding member of a clinical research chapter in Chicago.