APNA 28th Annual Conference Podcasts

If you missed the APNA 28th Annual Conference, you don't have to miss getting the continuing education contact hours! Podcasts from the 2014 conference are now available in the APNA eLearning Center.

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1011 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Workshop:  The Nuts & Bolts for Beginners and Expert Clinicians 1.75 Therapy
1012 Collaborative Primary Care and Behavioral Health Care 2.0 Integrated Care
1013 Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Mental Health and Substance Abuse 2.0 Addiction
1014 Co-morbidities of Diabetes and Hypertension in Adult Patients with Bipolar Illness and Schizophrenia: Medical Considerations. Using Motivational Interviewing to Help these Patients 1.5 Practice
1015 Welding Strong Connections Between Research and Practice: PhD and DNP Partnerships to Generate Knowledge and Improve Care 1.75 Research
1017 Collaborative Care: Holistic and Psychopharmacology Approaches to Organizing the Evidence 2.0 Rx Psychopharmacology
1022 What’s a Psychiatric Nurse to Do? Exploring Roles and Competencies in Integrated Care 1.25 Integrated Care
1023 Tobacco Treatment for Persons Living with Mental Illness:  Building Connections between Education and Practice 1.75 Addiction
1024 Therapeutic Neuromodulation: Implications for Psychiatric Mental Health (PMH) Nurses 2.0 Practice
1025 The Making of a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Scientist 2.0 Research
1031 The Making of a Therapist: How Are We teaching Psychotherapy in Graduate Psychiatric Nursing Curriculums? 1.5 Education
1032 The Transition to Behavioral Health Consultant: Successes and Missteps 1.75 Integrated Care
1034 Creating an Inpatient Treatment Program to Instill Hope and Provide a Continuing Path to Recovery 1.75 Practice
1035 Understanding the Funding Landscape 1.5 Research
1037 Nuts and Bolts of Board Leadership: Get Ready to Nominate Yourself 1.0 Nurse Leadership & Self Care
1042 Integrating Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing and Palliative Care Nursing: Building Bridges to Improve Outcomes 1.0 Integrated Care
1043 The Missing Vital Sign: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Impact on the Epigenome, Behavioral Health and the Critical Need for Nurses to Practice Trauma Informed Care 1.75 Advanced Practice
1044 Caring for the Hallucinating Patient: Non-Pharmacological Interventions 2.0 Practice
1045 Depression Recognition, Assessment and Intervention: Emerging Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Research 1.5 Research
1046 The Phenomenon of Suicide: Competency Number One for the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Generalist 1.75 Suicide Assessment &
1047 Compassion Without Fatigue 1.0 Nurse Leadership & Self Care
2001 Far from the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity .75 Keynote
2011 Integrating Psych Throughout the Curriculum: the Why, the What, the How .75 Undergraduate
2012 Integrating Psychotherapy and Medication Prescribing in Advanced Practice .75 Rx Psychopharmacology
2013 Exploring Brain-behavior Relationships to Disrupt the Cycle of Sexual Abuse .75 Child & Adolescent
2014 Psychological Well-Being in a Deployed Setting .75 Military
2015 Nightmares and Suicide: What is the Link? .75 Suicide Assessment
2016 Bridging the Gap to Wellness .75 Recovery
2017 Lean Behavioral Health Nursing - Learning from a Car Company .75 Administration
2018 Minding the Space- Kindling Presence and Compassion in Clinical Practice .75 Mindfulness
2021 Exploring the Placement and Teaching of Psychiatric Mental Health Content within Nursing Curricula .5 Undergraduate
2022 Enhancing Cultural Competence with Cultural Neuroscience and Ethno-Psychopharmacology: Starting an Interdisciplinary Dialogue .75 Rx Psychopharmacology
2023 An Ounce of Prevention: Psychiatric Nursing's Role in Child Abuse .75 Child & Adolescent
2024 Moral Injury in Returning Veterans: Concept and Emerging Treatments .75 Military
2025 The Journey towards Competency Based Suicide Training for PMH Nurse Generalists .75 Suicide Assessment
2026 Building Connections in Borderline Personality Disorders for Improved Recovery Outcomes in an IMPACT Setting .75 Recovery
2027 Decreasing Seclusion and Increasing Restraint and Seclusion Documentation Compliance using LEAN Processes .75 Administration
2031 Feasibility and Acceptability of Psychiatric Nursing Simulation for Nursing Students; A Systematic Review of Classroom Pedagogy in Undergraduate Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Courses .5 Undergraduate Education
2032 The Newly Created Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Role within the Sex Offender Division of the Judicial Branch;  Integration of Mental Health into Primary Health Care Setting: What is the Role of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses? .75 Roles in Integrated Care
2033 Going Back to School: APRNs Find Ways to Improve Access to Mental Health Care;  Processes of Disease Management and Treatment Use in Adolescent Depression .75 Child & Adolescent
2034 Transforming to a Recovery-oriented System of Care in an Psychiatric ICU:  The Risks, the Rewards, and the Role of Nursing;  Impact of Deployment on Women's Mental Health .75 Military
2035 Impact of Primary Nursing in a High Dependency Psychiatric Care Unit in Singapore: Patients’, Caregivers’ & Nurses’ Perspectives; Behavioral Health Nurses and the Initiation and Sequelae of Rapid Response Team (RRT) Calls .75 Research
2037 Building Relationships through Collaboration: An Interprofessional Project Impacting Substance Use in Rural Areas; An Education Program to Address Patient and Colleague Substance Misuse in Anesthesia .75 Addiction
2038 The Tidal Model: A New Perspective for Psychiatric Nurses; Interprofessional Model of Geropsychiatric Care in a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly .75 Team-based Care
2041 The 6th Annual Institute for Mental Health Advocacy Interactive Panel 1.25 Interactive Panel
2042 APRN Council Interactive Session .75 Interactive Panel
2044 Creating a "Culture" of Recovery: Connecting Cultural Contexts and Recovery for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses .75 Interactive Panel
2045 Tobacco Dependence Council Interactive Panel: Virtual Nursing Academy of APNA Champions for Smoking Cessation 1.25 Interactive Panel
3011 The Use of Simulation Training in Code 2000 Psychiatric Emergencies at the Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Healthcare System;  Aren't All Nursing Students Anxious? Failure to Recognize Anxiety Disorders and Psychopathology in Nursing Students .75 Education
3012 Managing Treatment Failures In Depression, Bi-Polar Disorders and Personality Disorders:  When Medication is Not Enough;  Suicide Assessment and Prevention: A Clinical Practice Guideline .75 Advanced Practice
3013 Designer Drugs and Adolescent Use: What all Psychiatric Nurses Need to Know; Understanding Self Injurious Behaviors in the Adolescent Population .75 Child & Adolescent
3014 Hospitalization for Suicide Attempt: Continuity of Care and Transitions to Post-Discharge Behavioral Health Treatment .75 Military
3016 Digital Story Telling as a Self-reflection Tool; Simulation Pedagogy: Making it Interpersonal .5 Graduate Education
3017 The New Confidential! Integrated Electronic Health Records and Privacy; Tracking Outcomes of a New De-Escalation Management Training Program .75 Administration
3018 The Unique Role of the Psychiatric Nurse in Emergency Behavioral Health .75 Emergency Departments
3021 Texture Layering, "We See a Sea Story", and 55 Word Stories: Building Geropsychiatric Nursing Competencies and Enhancing Quality of Life through Creative Arts Programming .75 Undergraduate
3022 One Step Closer Toward Integration: Implementation of a Collaborative Care Model at a Rural Virginia Free Medical Clinic .75 Integrated Care
3023 Transforming Psychiatric Mental Health Care in a Pediatric Hospital Setting .75 Child & Adolescent
3024 Coming Home: Using Prolonged Exposure Therapy to Help Veterans Work through Symptoms of PTSD .75 Military - PTSD
3026 Soothing Rooms: Reducing Restraint Trauma in Patient and Nurses .75 Inpatient Safety
3027 Leading Through Turbulent Times Using Relationship Based Care .5 Administration
3028 The DSM-5: What Psychiatric Nurses Need to Know .5 Practice
3031 Novel Education Strategies in Psychiatric Nursing Education: Video Vignettes .75 Undergraduate Education
3032 The Impact of Evidence-based Interventions on Patient Depression Outcomes in an Integrated Psycho-Oncology Program .5 Integrated Care
3033 Expanding Roles: The APRN in the Pediatric Residential Treatment setting .75 Child & Adolescent
3034 Spirituality as Coping in Trauma: Mantram Repetition Training for Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder .75 Military - PTSD
3035 Treatment of Psychiatric Inpatients with Relationship Dysfunction Using a Short Term Cognitive Interpersonal Intervention .75 Research
3036 Staying Safe: Reducing Assaults and Staff Injuries .75 Inpatient Safety
3037 Developing & Evaluating a New Role in Medical/Surgical Inpatient Units: Geriatric-Psychiatric Safety Specialist (GPS) .75 Administration
3038 The Truth about Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) .75 Practice
3041 Can Undergraduate Psychiatric Nursing Students Benefit from Learning and Implementing Group Therapy? .75 Undergraduate Education
3042 The Chronic Care Model and Persons with Severe Mental Illness: An Integrated Approach to Care .75 Integrated Care
3043 1300 to 3: Lessons Learned on a Journey out of Seclusion, Restraint and Coercion on a Child and Adolescent Inpatient Unit .75 Child & Adolescent
3044 Prazosin for the Treatment of Combat-Related Nightmares in Military Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder .75 Rx Military - PTSD
3045 Impact of Therapeutic Milieu and Unit Aggression on Progression to Discharge: Correlation of Emergency Events with Outcomes for Psychiatric Peers .75 Research
3046 Using Simulation to Connect Meaning to Inpatient Mental Health Safety .75 Inpatient
3047 Implementing a Behavioral Emergency Response Team (BERT): A Performance Improvement Strategy to Address Workplace Violence .5 Administration
3048 Recommendations for Prescribing Exercise: The Impact of Exercise on the Brain and a Program to Enhance Motivation, Support Patient Participation and Promote Adherence to Exercise. .75 Practice
3055 Trauma and Healing: Findings and Insights from Three Nurse Scientists 1.25 Interactive Panel
4011 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Children and Adolescents – Teaching the Basics to Advanced Practice Nursing Students .75 Graduate Education
4012 Integrating a FQHC Primary Care Clinic within a Mental Health Agency: Opportunities, Challenges and Lessons Learned .75 Integrated Care
4013 Development of an Educational Program to Promote Integration of Infant Mental Health Assessment and Intervention into an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Operated Primary Care Clinic .75 Child & Adolescent
4015 The Role of Spirituality in Gay and Lesbian Elders' Lives .75 Research & Practice
4016 How to Lead Effective Therapeutic Groups: Development of an Orientation Module through a Nurse Driven Collaboration Between Educators and Bedside Nurses .75 Staff Education
4017 Neurobiology of Addiction .75 Addictions
4018 Boston Marathon Explosions Disaster Mental Health Response - Role, Recovery & Resilience .75 Emergency
4021 Riding Out the Perfect Storm in Psychiatric Nursing Education .75 Graduate Education
4022 Primary Care within a Community Mental Health Center: An Innovative Approach to Whole-Person Care .75 Integrated Care
4023 Finding Acceptance - Understanding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth through Best Practices .75 Child & Adolescent
4024 Problems Encountered and Insights Gained: The Importance of Mental Health Recovery in Designing an Evidence-Based Program for Intensive Mental Health Treatment .75 Recovery - Inpatient
4025 Possibilities, Partnerships and Healing .75 Research & Practice
4026 Transforming Psychiatric Mental Health Care to Recovery Oriented Practice with an Inter-Professional Team .5 Staff Education
4027 Drugs in Prisons: The Ticking Time-Bomb .5 Addiction
4028 Bridging the Gap between Crisis and Care: How to Effectively Integrate a Psychiatric Emergency Care with Outpatient Management in a Community Hospital .75 Emergency
4031 Dual Certification in Primary and Psychiatric Mental Health Care for Advanced Practice Nurses: A Health Care Delivery Innovation .75 Graduate Education
4032 How Effective is a Nurse Managed Clinic for Integrated Behavioral Health Care? .5 Integrated Care
4033 Self-care for Secondary Trauma Experienced by Child and Adolescent Nurses .75 Child & Adolescent
4034 Developing an Innovative Advanced Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Curriculum: A Journey of Therapeutic Engagement .75 Recovery
4036 Creatively Using Simulation to Connect the Education for Mental Health Professionals .75 Staff Education
4037 I can’t quit right now! A Harm Reduction Approach to Tobacco Use in Residential Treatment .75 Addiction
4038 An Alternative to Emergency Departments for Individuals in Mental Health Crises: The Living Room Program .5 Emergency


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