Poster Presenter Information Call Detailed Notes

Thank you for presenting a poster at the APNA 28th Annual Conference! Here are the detailed notes from the Poster Presenter Information Call that took place on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 2pm Eastern.

Poster Size and Planning

  • Posters will be on 4 foot tall x 6 foot wide boards.
  • Recommendations for poster size: 3' tall x 5' wide, 3.5' tall x 5' wide, and 4' tall x 5' wide are the most common. This allows a little extra space on the board for posting up business cards, abstracts & objectives for people to take with them, extra references, etc. You should include some references on your poster itself, but depending on how many you have, you could also have a separate sheet that you include with your poster.
  • Push pins will be provided.
  • There will be no tables or chairs.

Presentation Guidelines and Poster Tips 
The following sections of the Presenter Guidelines are relevant to poster presenters:

Poster Templates in Powerpoint

  • This site has templates available for free – They include the size for which the template is designed (for example, 42” Tall x 60” Wide, which is a great size for our boards).
  • Order your poster to be printed online or have it printed at a store. Be sure to contact the store ahead of time to make sure they are able to print in the size you need.
  • Remember to cite the above website if you use a template!

Guides for Poster Creation

  • This site goes through recommendations for planning, focus, layout, headings, graphics, text, colors, etc.: Use the menu at the left to click into the different sections. If you use the information on this website, be sure to include the citation in your references:

Disclosures / Presentation of Content

  • Present current, clinically relevant, and evidenced-based information to meet your stated educational objectives.
  • Provide a balanced view of the topic area; be objective when reporting research; and disclose off-label use or potential of off-label use of drugs/products where applicable.
  • Discuss the safety and adverse effects of any drugs/products presented.
  • Inform APNA if you anticipate new applications or changes to the FDA status of a presented product which may impact the planned content.
  • Include case studies and examples where applicable.
  • Support assertions and clinical studies, theories, models, etc. with references. Presenters are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of references.  Citations, citations, citations!
  • Obtain permission to reproduce any copyrighted materials. This includes any materials outside of the public domain:  graphs, charts, logos (including hospital or university logos), screenshots, cartoons, audio, movie clips, etc.  Cite permission on your poster and provide copies of correspondence granting permission where applicable.
    • You cannot use a university or hospital logo on your poster without providing documentation of the university’s/hospital’s permission. You can obtain permission by contacting your marketing department (emails are fine!). You can simply forward the email to Lisa Nguyen ( with the following information:
      • Primary presenter full name
      • Poster title
      • What the permission is for (even if stated in the email)
    • Additional copyright information has been included in the Presenter Guidelines.

Poster Pdf / Online Gallery and Judging

Online Poster Gallery: Abstracts of poster presentations given at the conference will be published in the Online Poster Gallery unless otherwise indicated by the presenter. Poster presenters will be asked to upload a pdf of their poster to be included in the gallery for attendee access during and after the conference. The inclusion of a poster pdf in the gallery is optional – it is not required for presentation at the conference, though highly recommended. 

  • Instructions for uploading your poster pdf will be sent in late August. There will be a quick turn-around time to upload your pdf once the announcement is sent, so please have it ready for the deadline. The Poster Pdf Upload Deadline is September 15, 2014.
  • Commercial Posters are not included in the Online Poster Gallery.

Poster Judging: First and second place recognition will be awarded to posters in the categories of administration, education, practice, and research. One student poster will also be recognized. Poster judges will access the poster pdfs prior to the conference for scoring purposes.

  • Presenters will need to upload their pdfs by September 15, 2014 in order to be included in the poster judging process. The inclusion of a poster pdf in the gallery is optional – it is not required for presentation at the conference. However, your poster will not be included in the judging process if you do not meet the poster pdf upload deadline.
  • Judging Timeline: The plan is to announce the poster winners in early October, before the conference. Winning posters will be announced to the membership via email and the website, as well as posted on-site with a ribbon on their board when the Poster Presentation hours open on Thursday morning.  Presenters of the winning posters will receive a certificate acknowledging their award, which they can retrieve at the Registration Desk.
  • Judging Criteria: Criteria are different for Administration, Education, and Practice versus Research. Your poster will be judged in the category selected when your abstract was submitted.

Presentation at the Conference

  • This year’s Poster Presentations will be set up in the open areas of the JW Marriott, available for viewing throughout the day on both Thursday and Friday.
  • The poster boards will be displayed in groupings on both the 2nd and 3rd floors, near the session rooms. Registration and 6 of the session rooms are on the 3rd floor. The exhibit hall and 2 session rooms are on the 2nd floor.
  • Poster Presentations will open at 10:00am on Thursday and will close on Friday at 4:30pm. Your poster needs to be up for the entire time. This means that you will need to register for the full conference and/or arrange for someone else to put up or take down your poster at the designated times if necessary.
    • Per the Call for Abstracts: “As posters are available for viewing on multiple days, poster presenters must register for the full conference.”
  • All posters will be up for the entirety of the poster presentation time periods on both Thursday and Friday, but you will only be asked to stand with your poster on Thursday, October 23rd from 2:00pm – 3:00pm. However, you are welcome to stand with your poster for as long as you like during the poster presentation times.

Poster Presenter Check-in & Set-up
Note:  This is in addition to the general APNA Annual Conference Registration Check-in. All attendees will need to first check in for the conference before checking in as a poster presenter for set-up.

Check-in & Set-up times:  

  • Wednesday, October 22nd, 4:00pm – 5:30pm and
  • Thursday, October 23rd, 7:00am – 9:30am
    **All posters must be set up by 9:30am on Thursday.

There will be a table set up on the 3rd floor where you will check in with a volunteer or APNA staff member. We will email you before the conference to tell you exactly where the check-in table is going to be located.
When you come to check in, provide your name plus the name of the primary presenter listed for the poster (if you are not the primary presenter). You will be directed to where your assigned board is located.

Take-down time:  Friday, October 24th at 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Student Presenters
If you are a student (or if you are presenting your poster on your thesis or capstone project), please respond to this email with “STUDENT” and indicate the type of program (ex: “PhD” or “DNP”). Please respond to by August 8th.

Registration / Housing

  • The Presenter Registration Deadline is September 8, 2014. If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to do so soon! All presenters (including any co-presenters) must register for the conference, and only primary presenters will be able to register using the discount code that was emailed on 6.12.14. All other presenters will register online without a code. Primary presenters – if you need the information re-emailed, please contact Lisa Nguyen at
  • Your housing reservation will be held in a database until approx. 2 weeks before the conference, when it will be released to the hotel. You will not receive any confirmation from the hotel directly until that time. If you’d like to confirm that your reservation is in our Registration and Housing Database before then, you can follow the instructions for logging back into the registration site from your registration confirmation email. You can also contact the Registration and Housing Company at or 888-408-8191.

Poster Presentations Evaluations
Each poster will be listed in the evaluation booklet and on the online evaluations website with one learning objective. The poster will be evaluated based on that objective. Example screen shots from last year:

Poster Evaluations Listing

Contact Hours Determination

Attendees will complete evaluations for the posters that they spend time viewing, then will record their contact hours earned based on the amount of time spent. There is no requirement that indicates the number of poster evaluations needed in order to achieve a certain number of contact hours. Quality wins over Quantity!

Questions about the conference or presenting?

Lisa Nguyen – and 571-533-1924
Pat Black – and 571-533-1922

Registration Questions?

ConferenceDirect – and 888-408-8191