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APNA Webinars
Webinar Contact
Integrating a Recovery Model into Undergraduate Nursing Education 1.5 More Info
The Power of Stories: Perspectives of a Nurse and a Person with Lived Experience on Storytelling as a Therapeutic Intervention 1.25 More Info
Integration of Recovery Principles for Advanced Practice Educators 1.0 More Info
APNA 28th Annual Conference (10/2014) Podcasts:
Session Contact
Creating an Inpatient Treatment Program to Instill Hope and Provide a Continuing Path to Recovery 1.75 More Info
Far from the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity
0.75 More Info
Bridging the Gap to Wellness
0.75 More Info
Minding the Space-Kindling Presence and Compassion in Clinical Practice 0.75 More Info
Building Connections in Borderline Personality Disorders for Improved Recovery Outcomes in an IMPACT Setting 0.75 More Info
Decreasing Seclusion and Increasing Restraint and Seclusion Documentation Compliance using LEAN Processes 0.75 More Info
Transforming to a Recovery-oriented System of Care in an Psychiatric ICU:  The Risks, the Rewards, and the Role of Nursing;  Impact of Deployment on Women's Mental Health 0.75 More Info
Digital Story Telling as a Self-reflection Tool; Simulation Pedagogy: Making it Interpersonal 0.5 More Info
Texture Layering, "We See a Sea Story", and 55 Word Stories: Building Geropsychiatric Nursing Competencies and Enhancing Quality of Life through Creative Arts Programming 0.75 More Info
Soothing Rooms: Reducing Restraint Trauma in Patient and Nurses 0.75 More Info
Leading Through Turbulent Times Using Relationship Based Care 0.5 More Info
Spirituality as Coping in Trauma: Mantram Repetition Training for Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 0.75 More Info
Recommendations for Prescribing Exercise: The Impact of Exercise on the Brain and a Program to Enhance Motivation, Support Patient Participation and Promote Adherence to Exercise. 0.75 More Info
Trauma and Healing: Findings and Insights from Three Nurse Scientists 1.25 More Info
The Role of Spirituality in Gay and Lesbian Elders' Lives 0.75 More Info
Boston Marathon Explosions Disaster Mental Health Response - Role, Recovery & Resilience 0.75 More Info
Finding Acceptance - Understanding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth through Best Practices 0.75 More Info
Problems Encountered and Insights Gained: The Importance of Mental Health Recovery in Designing an Evidence-Based Program for Intensive Mental Health Treatment 0.75 More Info
Possibilities, Partnerships and Healing 0.75 More Info
Transforming Psychiatric Mental Health Care to Recovery Oriented Practice with an Inter-Professional Team 0.5 More Info
Developing an Innovative Advanced Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Curriculum: A Journey of Therapeutic Engagement 0.75 More Info
APNA 12th Annual Clinical Psychopharmacology Institute (06/2014) Podcasts:
Session Contact
"I am Not Sick, I Don't Need Help!" Research on Poor Insight and How We Can Help
1.5 More Info
Collaborative Care: Organizing Treatment Options and Psychopharmacology in Integrated Mental Health Settings
1.5 More Info
Consumer Perspectives on Medications: A Conversation
1.5 More Info
APNA 27th Annual Conference (10/2013) Podcasts:
2022: Seclusion and Restraint Precipitants and Duration: Child vs. Adult 0.75 More Info
3044: Advancing Mental Health Recovery: Lessons Learned from the Transformation of an Inpatient Unit 0.75 More Info
4026: Effective Patient Education: How Should I Say This? 0.75 More Info
4035: Managing the Milieu to Support with Acute Psychiatric Illness: Safe and Respectful Person-Centered Care 0.75 More Info
2023: Problem-solving Based Peer Support Program for Medication Adherence - A Mixed Methods Study 0.75 More Info
2024: Leading Change from the Front Line: A Journey to Recovery through Therapeutic Milieu, Environment of Care and Violence Reductions Strategies 0.75 More Info
3016: Recovery Oriented Approach to Milieu Management in a Community Hospital; Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Behaviors of Mental Health Nurses 0.75 More Info
3024: Recovery Goals: Identifying a Patient's Passion 0.75 More Info
3034: Promoting Recovery with Trauma Informed Practice 0.75 More Info
APNA 26th Annual Conference (11/2012) Podcasts:
"MINDFUL CARE" Model: PMH-APRN Model for Biopsychosocial Integration and Treatment 0.75 More Info
Valuing Patient Feedback: Implementation of a Discharge Phone Call Practice in an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital 0.75 More Info
You Look Too "Normal" to have PTSD 0.75 More Info
Creating a Safer Milieu: Innovative Strategies to Reduce Patient and Staff Assaults 0.75 More Info
Engaging Psychiatric Patients and their Families in Recovery & Wellness Through the Promotion of the RN at the Bedside 0.75 More Info
Building a Healing Environment: Design Elements that Promote the Recovery Process and Reduce Stigma 0.75 More Info
Psychiatric Nurses' Attitudes and Persons with Borderline Personality Disorder 0.75 More Info
New Employee Onboarding: Inspiration, Engagement, and Transformational Outcomes 0.75 More Info
APNA 10th Annual Clinical Psychopharmacology Institute (06/2012) Podcasts:
Military Mission, Culture, and Psychopharmacologic Considerations *The content of this CNE pertains to Pharmacology.* 2.0 More Info
Recovery Oriented Prescribing *The content of this CNE pertains to Pharmacology.* 1.25 More Info
Counseling Points™: Schizophrenia & Recovery Sessions:
On-Demand Webinar: Counseling Points: Shedding the Label of Schizophrenia through the Recovery Model 1.5 More Info
Digital Publication: Counseling Points: Shedding the Label of Schizophrenia through the Recovery Model 1.5 More Info

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