Student Application Process

Student membership rates are available while you are a full-time nursing student only and have submitted the following paperwork. Student membership renewal will require resubmission of this paperwork.

The student must submit:

  • Signed letter from the Dean/Registrar/Program Director on institutional letterhead which verifies that the student is full-time. (See example below)
    New! Signed verification letter must state that you are in a nursing program. 

Please fax 855-883-APNA (2762) or mail letter with a completed application form to:
APNA c/o Patti Federinko
3141 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 625
Falls Church, VA 22042

Example Student Verification Letter:
(Download as Word Document)


Print on YOUR Nursing School Letterhead



American Psychiatric Nurses Association
3141 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 625
Falls Church, VA 22042

Attn:  Patti Federinko
          Membership Department
          Fax: 855-883-2762


I,__[Name of Dean/Registrar/Program Director ] ___, hereby certify that __[Name of Student]__ is currently enrolled as a full time student in __[Name of Nursing Program]__ at the __[Name of Nursing School]__.   _[Name of Student]__’s anticipated graduation date is __[Student’s Expected Date of Graduation]__.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at [ email address and/or phone number]_.



[Signature ]

[Dean/Registrar/Program Director Signature Block with Contact Information]