Past APNA Student Scholars Testimonials
Samantha Paradis
Featured Scholar: Samantha Paradis

"Last year at the conference I had the good fortune to sit next to Miranda Dobe (another 2011 scholar) at the opening ceremony. We spent the whole conference getting to know each other and became good friends. At the time Miranda had just been hired at the Mayo Clinic as a psychiatric nurse after completing the Summer III Nursing internship the summer before. She encouraged me to apply for the Summer III program.

This spring I applied to be a Summer III intern, was accepted, and placed on the psychiatric unit that Miranda works on! The most exciting news is that Miranda is my clinical coach this summer!!! I am in my second week of training here in Minnesota and am loving every minute of it."

More comments from past APNA Student Scholars:

"I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to attend this conference. Without the support of the Janssen student scholarship program, attending the APNA conference is an experience I would not likely have had until later in my career. My excitement for PMH nursing was renewed and I gained a wealth of information...that has improved my own practice and renewed my energy for improving and propelling the profession."

2013 Board of Directors Scholars

"After witnessing the courage and initiative of so many of the educators and leaders in the field, I have been inspired to commit to bringing psychodrama and related modalities into settings in which I work. I was further reminded of the essence of evidence-based practice and its importance and am commited to remaining informed and supple in my own practice. I have been introduced to the wide arena of resources, both professional and personal, in advanced psych nursing and intend on remaining in touch with this field's network."

"I was introduced to the expansive and close-knit network of advanced practice nurses, many of whom appear to be embracing nursing roles as leaders, researchers, educators, healers and advocates with such passion and abandon."

"I was able to discuss the transition from nursing student to new grad with many practice and education leaders. I felt encouraged to pursue a more unconventional path (only RN at a community mental health center) and feel that I have lots of ideas for shaping my role."

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APNA Scholars' continued involvement in APNA:

APNA student scholars continue to be involved in APNA throughout their PMH nursing careers. Past scholars have presented at Annual Conferences, served on committees, and assumed leadership positions in their chapters and at the national level.

In late 2011, the Board of Directors reached out to the APNA Scholars for help in obtaining background information to inform APNA's strategic planning process. Volunteer student scholars conducted environmental scans on key PMH nursing issues identified by the membership and submitted a report sharing their findings. Click on the links below to view their reports:

Quality Indicators | Seclusion & Restraint | Suicide Prevention | Workplace Violence