APNA CPI Online Evaluations - Step by Step Instructions

As a conference attendee, your opinion is valued. Your ratings and comments are used to evaluate the current conference as well as plan for future educational offerings. Evaluations must be completed by the deadline of July 24, 2015 in order to earn contact hours.

1. Logging In The deadline to complete online evaluations for this event has passed. If you completed your evaluations; however, you can log in and download/print your CE certificate at any time. Please email inform@apna.org with any questions.
2. Navigating the Site - Session Evaluations
3. Tracking your Contact Hours Earned
4. Navigating the Site - Overall Evaluation
5. Getting your CE Certificate
6. Logging Out

Logging In:

  1. Login to the APNA Evaluations Site(This link will open up in a new window)
  2. Enter your username (usually your last name or email address) and password (usually your Member or Account ID #).

    Your APNA Account ID # is listed on your conference badge.  If you are unsure of your username, ask an APNA Staff member at the Registration Desk or call APNA at 855-863-2762. You can also click “Forgot your login information?” and the system will email it to you.

Navigating the Site - Session Evaluations:

The evaluations website will open to the Directions page. Please be sure to read this information before entering your evaluation responses. Then click the Continue button.


The Registered Events page will list the 13th Annual Clinical Psychopharmacology Institute and include 4 buttons:

  • Pre Session Surveys where you’ll complete surveys for select sessions before attending.  Optional – completing these surveys is not required to obtain contact hours & will not affect your CE Certificate
  • Session Evaluationwhere you’ll access all of the individual session evaluations
  • Overall Evaluationwhere you’ll complete the Overall Conference Evaluation
  • Post Final Credits & Create Certificate this button will be greyed-out until you have completed the Overall Evaluation

Start by clicking the Session Evaluation button.  This will open the list of days that are available for you to evaluate based on your conference registration. If you believe there is an error, please visit the APNA registration desk for help:

Click on the appropriate day to see a listing of the sessions available to evaluate for each time block.

Locate the session for which you’d like to enter responses by either the session ID # or the title. Click on the Evaluate button next to it. 

The evaluation pages look like this:


You’ll also rate the speaker(s) for the session regarding their presentation skills for the content presented and whether or not you’d recommend him/her to a colleague. Below that section, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate the number of contact hours you should receive based on your attendance of the session. If you were present for the entire session, you’ll select the largest number of contact hours available.

In the example below, this session is worth up to .75 contact hours. However, if you happened to be 15 minutes late or left 15 minutes early, you would choose the .50 contact hours option.
Be sure to hit SAVE & Continue at the end or your responses will not be saved. This is very important!
Once you hit Save & Continue, you’ll return back to the listing of sessions for that day.  There is an “Edit” button and a “Reset” button next to the session you have just evaluated.
Note that at the bottom of this page, you’ll see the buttons “Return to the list of days” and “Return to Welcome/Instructions Page”.

  • “Return to the list of days” will take you back to the page where you can access the evaluations for a different day.
  • “Return to Welcome/Instructions Page” will take you back to the very beginning so that you can review any of the directions listed there.

Tracking your Contact Hours Earned:

Once you start completing your session evaluations, the contact hours will appear in several places:

  • Above the individual time blocks where you evaluated sessions
  • At the top of each session day
  • Underneath the “Post Final Credits & Create Certificate” button on the Registered Events page

Above the individual time blocks:  This will show your contact hours earned for the session.

At the top of each session day:  This will show your total contact hours earned, and will update in real-time as you complete evaluations.

Underneath the “Post Final Credits & Create Certificate” button:  This will show your total contact hours earned, and will update in real-time as you complete evaluations.


Navigating the Site - Overall Evaluation:

When you are finished entering in all of your session evaluations, you are ready to complete the Overall Evaluation.  You’ll need to either return to the list of days or to the welcome/instructions page in order to reach the Overall Evaluation button. If you’re on the list of days, the “Return to Registered Events” will get you there:

Then click on the Overall Evaluation Button.


You will see a page that looks like this:

Complete the evaluation questions (be sure to include comments!) and then click on the “Return to Registered Events/Create Certificate” button.

Note:  If you have gone to the Overall Evaluation page prematurely (you haven’t finished all of your session evaluations), you can click “Reset” to clear out your responses. Then press the back button on your browser.


Getting your CE Certificate:

Once you complete the Overall Evaluation and click on the “Return to Registered Events/Create Certificate” button, you will be able to access the “Post Final Credits & Create Certificate” button on the Registered Events page.


BEFORE CLICKING THE BUTTON, CHECK THE CONTACT HOURS LISTED BELOW IT.  If the contact hours listed do not look correct, do not press the "Post Final Credits & Create Certificate" button.  Go back into your session evaluations to see where you might be missing something.

When you are satisfied with the contact hours listed, click the "Post Final Credits & Create Certificate" button.  You will see the page to the right.

Again you can check the contact hours earned – listed at the top of the page. If they do not look correct, click on “Return to Registered Events” to go back into your session evaluations. After you click on Create Certificate, you’ll see this page:

Here you will have options to:

  • Download & Print Certificatethis will open up a pdf of your certificate. You can then save the pdf to your computer, or print it.
  • Email Your Certificatethis will prompt you to enter in an email address where you’d like to receive the pdf of your CE Certificate.

Logging Out: 

Once you have finished evaluating your session, remember to logout. You will need to logout in two different places.

Click “Logout” at the bottom of the evaluations site.

This will return you to the APNA homepage. Click “Logout” at the top right of the page.


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