APNA 25th Annual Conference Podcasts
Session Track Contact Hrs
1012 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Mini Course on Assessment, Neurobiology, Symptoms, and Treatment: Basics, Nuances, Complexities, Evidenced based and Anecdotal Pre-Conference 2.0
1015 Managing Acute and Chronic Medical Illnesses: What Every Psych Nurse Needs to Know Pre-Conference 1.5
1023 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice: Behavioral Treatment of Persistent Auditory Hallucinations Pre-Conference 1.25
1024 COPE for Depressed and Anxious Teens: A Cognitive-Behavioral Skills Building Intervention Pre-Conference 2.0
1035 Therapeutic Brain Stimulation: Past, Present, Future and Critical Issues for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses Pre-Conference 2.0
1044 Emergency Room Care of the Psychiatric Patient: Selected Topics from the APNA/ENA Educational Collaborative Project Pre-Conference 1.75
1046 Psychopharmacology, Recovery, and Trauma-Informed Care: Opportunities, Challenges, and Pitfalls *The content of this CNE pertains to pharmacology.* Pre-Conference 2.0
2013 The Language of Recovery: 'Making it Real' for Patients, Families and Colleagues Recovery 0.75
2014 Cardiometabolic Side Effects of Risperidone in Children with Autism *The content of this CNE pertains to pharmacology.* Child & Adolescent 0.75
2015 Managing Metabolic Syndrome in a Partial Hospitalization Program: A Feasibility Study Integrated Physical & Mental Health 0.75
2016 Understanding and Preventing Suicide Among Military and Veterans Military 1.0
2022 Standing Up to Sitter Costs Administration 0.75
2026 Loss, Grief and Military Life Military 0.5
2027 Psychiatric Nurses’ Attitudes Toward Hospitalized Patients Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder Experiencing Self Harm Issues and Implications in Clinical Nursing Practice Capacity to Care 0.75
2032 A Violence Prevention Model for Acute Behavioral Health Care Administration 0.75
3001 Shaping the Future of Behavioral Health Keynote 1.0
3013 Talking the Talk: Language that Helps/Hinders Recovery Recovery 0.75
3014 Clinical Decision Making to Manage Disruptive Behavior in Older Adults: What Psychiatric Nurses Say They Do vs. What They Document Older Adults 0.75
3015 Developing a Doula Intervention for Postpartum Depressive Symptoms Women's Health 0.75
3017 Gaga or Gershwin? What Every Psychiatric Nurse Needs to Know about Influence of Music on Emotion, Cognition, and Behavior Music Interventions 1.0
3025 Reproductive Psychiatry: A Lifespan Approach to the Treatment of Women's Mental Illness *The content of this CNE pertains to pharmacology.* Women's Health 0.75
3031 A Community Partnership Approach to Enhancing Psychiatric Nursing Education: Results of a Demonstration Project Undergraduate Education 0.75
3041 Interprofessional Education as a Framework for Teaching Interpersonal Communication Skills Undergraduate Education 0.75
3045 Behavioral and Physical Health Integration in the Community Mental Health Center:  A Truly Integrated Approach Integrated Physical & Mental Health 0.75
3047 Theoretical Concepts to Treat Individuals with Eating Disorders: An Integrative Approach Practice 0.75
4001 The Future of Nursing: Are The Stars Aligning? Keynote 1.0
4000 State of the Science of Schizophrenia – What We Know and What We Don’t *The content of this CNE pertains to Pharmacology* General Session 1.0
4013 Sensory Interventions: Integrating Recovery Principles in Acute Care Psychiatric Settings Recovery 0.75
4016 PTSD Related Sleep Disturbances: Non-pharmacologic and Pharmacologic Interventions *The content of the CNE pertains to pharmacology.* Military 0.75
4021 Mental Illness and Problematic Sexual Behaviors: A Challenge We Must Face Forensic 0.75
4023 Optimizing Safety and Quality Outcomes Through Patient-Centered Recovery Model Care Interventions in the Acute Psychiatric Milieu Recovery 0.75
4024 Kids in Chaos: Navigating Traumatic Grief and Bereavement with Children Following the Violent Death of a Family Member Child & Adolescent 0.75
4025 Primary Care Behavioral Health Consultation Services - What it is and How to Make it Happen in Your Organization Integrated Physical & Mental Health 0.75
4027 The Seriously Mentally Ill Older Adult: Perceptions of the Patient-Provider Relationship Research 0.75
4032 Effective Reduction of Restraint and Seclusion in the Psychiatric Emergency Department while Maintaining a Safe Milieu Emergency Departments 0.5
4033 Implementing a Consumer Participation Program in an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit: Lessons Learned Recovery 0.5
4036 PTSD Case Presentation of an Integrative Model Military 0.75
4037 The Structure of the Lived Experience of the Expert Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Nurse and Their Meaning of Expertise Research 1.0