27th Annual Conference Session Podcasts

If you missed the APNA Annual Conference, you don't have to miss getting the continuing education contact hours! Podcasts from the 2013 conference will be posted throughout the next several months on the APNA eLearning Center.
Click the links below to view sessions currently available from this year's Annual Conference!
Session Track Contact Hrs
1012 Practical Alchemy: Psychiatric Nursing's Role in Actualizing Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Psychiatric Care Pre-Conference 1.5
1013 The Triad of Childhood Trauma, Mental Illness, and Substance Abuse: Applying Trauma-Informed Care Pre-Conference 2.0
1014 Building Interprofessional Bridges in Graduate Nursing Education: Preparing Graduates for Leadership in Collaborations that Improve Mental Health Outcomes Pre-Conference 1.75
1015 Building a PMH-APRN Business: Strategies to Grow and Shake the Money Tree Pre-Conference 2.0
1021 The Significant Promise of Therapeutic Neuromodulation: Implications for Psychiatric Mental Health (PMH) Nursing Pre-Conference 1.75
1022 'Mixing Models': Creating Synergy in a Transdisciplinary Environment Pre-Conference 1.5
1023 Social Bullying in Nursing Academia: A Phenomenological Study Pre-Conference 1.5
1024 Live Person Simulation Strategies in Undergraduate Psychiatric Nursing Education:  A Multi-Institution Academic Panel Collaboration Pre-Conference 1.5
1025 Coding for Services: CPT, DSM-5 and APNs Pre-Conference 2.0
1026 Geropsychopharmacology: The Evidence for Effective Interventions Pre-Conference 2.0
1031 Evidence Based Practice Skills Boot Camp Pre-Conference 2.0
1034 A Toolkit for Innovative Teaching Strategies in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Pre-Conference 1.0
1035 Introduction to the DSM-5 Pre-Conference 1.75
1036 Understanding Sleep and Antidepressants: Lesson from Research Literature and Clinical Practice Pre-Conference 2.25
1041 Engaging Inpatient Psychiatric Nurses in Defining and Promoting Evidence Based, High Quality, Patient Centered Care Pre-Conference 2.0
1042 Standing like Tree, Moving like Water - Applying Tai Chi Chuan, Its Ideas and Methods to Promote Physical and Mental Fitness Participation for Individual Living with SPMI Pre-Conference 1.0
1044 Turning the Classroom: Using Team-based Learning to Engage Students in a Psychiatric-Mental Nursing Course Pre-Conference 1.5
1045 Mental Health Unit Design: Promoting Safety and Therapeutic Benefit Through Careful Planning Pre-Conference 2.0
2011 The Experiences and Needs of Family Members of Adolescents with Disruptive Behavior Disorders Practice .75
2012 When is Monitoring of Restraint Episodes Misleading? Seclusion & Restraint .75
2013 Enhancing the Success of Psychiatric Treatment: Taking Psychotropic Medication and Keeping Appointments Research - Medication Effectiveness .75
2014 The Elephant in the Room: Reconciling Recovery Principles With Forced Treatment Inpatient Recovery Practice 1.0
2016 Standardized Patient Simulations and Students Self-confidence, Communication and Interpersonal Skills Communication Assessment .75
2021 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: An Update on Research and Practice Practice .75
2022 Seclusion and Restraint Precipitants and Duration: Child vs. Adult Seclusion & Restraint .75
2023 Problem-solving Based Peer Support Program for Medication Adherence – A Mixed Methods Study Research - Medication Effectiveness .75
2024 Leading Change from the Front Line; A Journey to Recovery through Therapeutic Milieu, Environment of Care and Violence Reductions Strategies Inpatient Recovery Practice .75
2025 Integrated Care: What's Missing in Current Practice Models? Practice .75
2026 The Development of a Standardized Suicide Risk Assessment Protocol in the Emergency Department Communication Assessment .75
2031 Psychiatric Emergency: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome-A Simulated Experience to Improve Care Across the Healthcare Continuum; Meeting the Challenge of Developing Complex Simulations in Psychiatric Nursing Education Undergraduate Education - Simulation .75
2032 Development of a Knowledge Infrastructure for Mental Health Professionals to Care for Military Connected Individuals Military Mental Health .5
2033 Prescription Stimulant Misuse in Juvenile Corrections: Case Studies and Leading Change to Reduce Misuse; Diagnosing Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: The Importance of Establishing Daily Life Contexts for Symptoms and Impairments ADHD Practice .75
2034 Gravity, It’s Not a Suggestion, It’s the LAW! The Development of the WilsonSims Psychiatric Fall Risk Assessment Tool;  Using a Comfort Room as an Intervention for Psychiatric Patients Inpatient Risk Reduction .75
2036 Adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines When Prescribing Second Generation Antipsychotics; Wellness within Illness: Happiness in Persons with Alzheimer's Disease Guidelines for Patient Centered Care .75
2044 Change the World Through PMH Nursing Research! APNA Research Council 1.0
3011 The Table-top Simulation as an Engaging and Inexpensive Approach to Teaching Psychiatric Nursing; Using Simulation Activities to Enhance Psychiatric Nursing Skills Undergraduate Education - Simulation .75
3012 CareIndicator, A Self-Management E-tool for Early Signaling and Intervention in Bipolar Disorder;  Using a Web-based Patient-Provider Messaging System to Enhance Patient Satisfaction Among Active Duty Sailors and Marines Seen in the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic: A Pilot Study E-Tools & Electronic Health Records .5
3013 Feminist Theory: Exploration and Application to an 82 Year Old Anxious Female Therapy Patient; Need for Resourcefulness Training for Women Caregivers of Elders with Dementia Women & Older Adults .75
3014 Crisis Intervention Training with a Twist: National Staff Training to Develop Self-care Skills and Integrate Chaos Theory for Safer Work Environments; Demographics, Clinical Characteristics, and Pharmacological Treatment of Aggressive Patient Inpatient Safety .5
3015 African American Males Diagnosed with Schizophrenia: Strategies for Treatment;  Physical Violence, Emotional Support, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation Among Thai Women Multicultural Topics .75
3016 Recovery Oriented Approach to Milieu Management in a Community Hospital; Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Behaviors of Mental Health Nurses Inpatient Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Practice .75
3021 Intensive Outpatient Behavioral Health Program in a Military Facility Military Mental Health Track .75
3022 Boy: TDTM Girl: CD9—Decoding the Dangers of Teen Sexting Child & Adolescent 1.0
3023 Lessons from the Front: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Providing Health Care Integration Integrated Physical & Mental Health .75
3024 Recovery Goals: Identifying a Patient's Passion Inpatient Recovery Practice .75
3025 And the Oscar Goes to… Mental Health Therapeutic Communication Simulation: Enhancing Student Learning Simulation Education .75
3026 Co-morbidity of Homelessness, Mental Illness, Substance Use, Chronic Medical Illness, and Pharmacotherapy Challenges Practice 1.0
3032 Turning the Tides of Trauma and Addiction Through Group Therapy Child & Adolescent .75
3033 Integrating Behavioral Health in a Primary Care Clinic Integrated Physical & Mental Health .75
3034 Promoting Recovery with Trauma Informed Practice Inpatient Recovery Practice .75
3035 Creating and Evaluating "The Mental Health Ward": An International Collaborative Evidence Based Simulation Simulation Education .75
3036 The Effects of Aroma Therapy on Falls in a Geropsychiatric Population Practice .5
3042 Promoting the Therapeutic Alliance by Defining Effective Engagement Between Adolescents and Their Mental Health Clinicians Child & Adolescent .5
3043 Development of a Behavioral Health Medical Home: Nurses Filling the Gap Integrated Physical & Mental Health .75
3044 Advancing Mental Health Recovery: Lessons Learned from the Transformation of an Inpatient Unit Inpatient Recovery Practice .75
3045 Hearing Voices: Evaluation of a Six Second Simulation Simulation Education 1.0
3046 What You Really Need to Know About Menopause, Prescribing & Depression for Advanced Practice Practice .75
4012 COPE for Children: An Evidence-Based and Feasible CBT Program for Anxious Children Child & Adolescent .75
4013 Psychiatric Nursing in the Emergency Department Setting: Opportunities for Improving Quality of Care and Throughput Efficiencies in a Changing Healthcare Environment Administrative Practice 1.0
4014 Utilization of Standardized Patients as a Teaching Methodology for Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Education Graduate Education .75
4015 Improving Shift Report: Developing a Best Practice for Inpatient Psychiatric Nurses Inpatient Communication .75
4016 The Caregiver Sustainability Model: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Caring for a Family Member with Schizophrenia Partnership Models .75
4021 Pilot Study: Use of Mindfulness, Self-compassion, and Yoga Practices with Uninsured and Low-income Patients with Anxiety and/or Depression Research - Special Populations .5
4022 The Evolution of a Pediatric Behavioral Assistance Resource Team (BART) Child & Adolescent .75
4023 Moving Out of the Shadows: Transforming the Image of Psychiatric Nursing in an Academic Medical Center Administrative Practice .75
4024 Successful Preparation of PMHNP Graduates in Full Scope of Practice: Using Evidence Based Practice, CBT, Simulation Lab & Distance Linked Curriculum to Empower Basic Proficiency in Short Term Therapies for PMHNP-DNP Students Graduation Education 1.0
4025 Promoting High Quality Person Centered Care Through Transfer of Accountability at the Bedside in Inpatient Mental Health Settings Inpatient Communication .75
4026 Effective Patient Education: 'How Should I Say This?' Partnership Models .75
4031 Attitudes, Efficacy and Potential Barriers Associated with Expanding the Role of the Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner to Care for Younger Patients Research - Special Populations .5
4032 An Introduction to the Neurobiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder Child & Adolescent .75
4033 Managing Patient Acuity in an Inpatient Psychogeriatric Setting While Controlling the Use/Cost of Observers:  Development of the Milieu Manager Role Administrative Practice .75
4034 Is the 4th “P” Lost? Innovative Educational Pedagogies to Maintain the Role and Scope of PMHNPs Graduate Education .75
4035 Managing the Milieu to Support with Acute Psychiatric Illness: Safe and Respectful Person-Centered Care Inpatient Communication .75
4036 Partnerships to Integrate Care: Community Mental Health Center, School of Nursing and Primary Care Practice Partner to Provide Wellness Services to the Severe Mentally Ill Population Partnership Models .75


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