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Ongoing throughout Conference

Up to 5 Contact Hours
Visit the poster gallery any time Wednesday - Sunday to earn up to 5 contact hours as you view and evaluate the more than 175 innovative poster presentations on display.

9:30am ET – 10:30am ET
A Conversation on Treatment-Resistant Depression 
No contact hours provided
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10:30am ET - 11:00am ET

Community Chat
Join the online chats to get to know and connect with fellow attendees.
Poster Gallery
Visit the interactive gallery to engage with the presentations and earn up to 5 contact hours for time spent viewing and evaluating the posters.

10:30am ET - 8:00pm ET

Get information from and engage with industry stakeholders in psychiatric-mental health and nursing.

11:00am ET - 11:30am ET

Start off your day with a warm welcome from APNA leadership and celebration of psychiatric-mental health nurses who are revolutionizing the profession.


1.0 Contact Hours
11:30am ET - 12:30pm ET

Why We Chose Nursing and How Nursing Continues to Choose Us – RN, APRN

Nurse Kelley JohnsonIn 2015, Kelley Johnson, MSN, FNP, sparked the #NursesUnite campaign after her Nursing monologue performance at the Miss America competition that year was made fun of by co-hosts of the television show The View. Nursing was ignited with passion over the controversy and stethoscopes were shown across America. Every story has two sides, and you are not going to want to miss hers.

Kelley Johnson, RN  |  About Kelley Johnson


Mini Concurrent Sessions
12:40pm ET - 1:25pm ET
.75 Contact Hours

3011: Special Populations
12:40pm ET - 1:25pm ET

Population Health: Transitioning Mental Health Services – APRN

This presentation illustrates the population health framework and its adaption for the delivery of mental health services. Key factors will be explored including the analysis of the distribution of health outcomes within a population, the determinants that influence distribution, and the policies and interventions that affect health determinants.  Abstract

Presenter: Marian L. Farrell, PhD, PMHNP-BC, PMHCNS-BC, CRNP

3012: Practice: ECT
12:40pm ET - 1:25pm ET

Adopting Current NPO Guidelines – RN

This presentation summarizes one psychiatric hospital’s adoption of current preoperative NPO guidelines and addresses the unique challenges of maintaining patient NPO status in a milieu setting. Participants will be able to apply current guidelines and compare three interventions designed to support staff adherence to a practice change. Abstract

Presenters: Janet Elrod, MSN, RN-BC

Integrating Safety Planning into Our Outpatient ECT Program – RN

 In this presentation, the process of integrating the safety planning intervention (SPI) into an outpatient electroconvulsive therapy setting will be described.  Details of ECT and SPI, challenges and limitations with implementation, and future considerations will be discussed. Abstract

Presenter: James Victor Moreno, RN; Joey Howard, Registered Nurse

3013: Inpatient
12:40pm ET - 1:25pm ET

Implementation of a Behavioral Health Nurse Navigator for Inpatient Behavioral Health Services at St. Luke's University Health Network – RN

This presentation introduces the role of the Behavioral Health Nurse Navigator recently implemented for Inpatient Behavioral Health Services at St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network. This Nurse Navigator focuses on the patient care continuum from inpatient to outpatient community care, solves problems, provides support, and aims to reduce readmission rates.  Abstract

Presenters: Rosemary Nourse, MSN, RN

Calming Agitation in Patients with DementiaRN

Patients with dementia may be agitated in the inpatient setting often requiring psychotropic medications. Psychotropics such as Ativan and Haldol may precipitate adverse effects for this subset of the geriatric population. Nonpharmacologic management may improve outcomes falls reduction and adverse events associated with excessive medication-induced sedation. Abstract

Presenter: Regina Edelev, BSN, RN

3014: Simulation
12:40pm ET - 1:25pm ET

Use of Augmented Reality in Psychiatric Mental Health Simulation – RN

This presentation will introduce the innovative idea of Augmented Reality in Psychiatric Mental Health simulations to help foster the students learning.  Students actively engage in simulation using mobile devices to assist in the learning and development of planning care for Psychiatric Mental Health diagnoses.  Abstract

Presenters: Jacqueline R. Williams, MSN, RN; Rhonda Sheridan, Ed.D., MSN/ED, RN

Using Simulation to Validate Student Competence in Addressing Intimate Partner Violence – RN, APRN

The AACN recommends that nursing programs offer opportunities for all students to gain training in assessment and management of intimate partner violence (IPV). This presentation will describe a simulation scenario in which a patient presents after experiencing IPV. Students gain confidence in their ability to assess and respond to IPV.  Abstract

Presenters: Mary McNamara, DNP, APRN; Ruth Woroch, DNP, APRN


3015: Research
12:40pm ET - 1:25pm ET

Post-Traumatic Growth Among Nurses: What are Influencing Factors? – RN, APRN

Examining posttraumatic growth (PTG) can yield insight to constructively understand and approach trauma among nurses. Data was analyzed from 299 nursing staff on traumatic experiences and resulting PTG. Work-place trauma resulted in the lowest PTG scores among other trauma experiences. Site-specific interventions to support PTG among nurses should be explored.   Abstract

Presenters: Chizimuzo Okoli, PhD, MSN, MPH, RN; Amanda Lykins, DNP, RN-BC

Complicated Grief: Case Study Analyses of Surviving Surrogate End-of-Life Decision Makers’ Long-term Mental Health – RN, APRN

This presentation discusses using case studies to determine facilitators/barriers to surviving surrogate end-of-life decision makers' (SDM) coping, identifying degree of practice adherence to a decision-making model, and relating model adherence to SDM mental health outcomes. Some SDMs will require assistance to successfully cope with complicated grieving related to end-of-life decisions/events.  Abstract

Presenters: Francine Hebert Sheppard, RN, PhD, CNE; Joshua Borders, PhD, DNP, NP-C, ACHPN; Amber Welborn, PhD, RN; Anna Hamrick, DNP, FNP-C, ACHPN

3016: Integrated Care
12:40pm ET - 1:25pm ET

Meeting the Patient's Medical Needs in an Inpatient Psychiatric Setting: Making the Most of Opportunities – RN, APRN

This presentation reviews both common and complex medical conditions seen in an inpatient psychiatric setting, identifies the unique opportunity of the PMH nurse to help address the whole health needs of their patients and how interdisciplinary collaboration can help reduce barriers PMH nurses may face within their practice setting. Abstract

Presenters: Christi Peters, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC; Eric Cool, BSN, RN-BC, CARN

Prolonged Postoperative Opioid Use Among Patients with Serious Mental Illness – RN, APRN

This presentation establishes the relationship between SMI and prolonged postoperative opioid use and identifies prescriber factors associated with prolonged postoperative opioid prescribing. Findings can be used to inform pre- and post-operative assessment, teaching and prescribing for surgical NPs and consult-liaison PMH-APRNs and postoperative pain management teaching for bedside RNs.  Abstract

Presenter: Elizabeth Nilsen, BSN, RN



1:25pm ET - 1:55pm ET
Community Recharge
Join in activities and games designed to help you connect with fellow attendees.
Poster Gallery
Visit the interactive gallery to engage with the presentations and earn up to 5 contact hours for time spent viewing and evaluating the posters.

1:55pm ET - 2:55pm ET

During this dedicated time, visit the Virtual Poster Hall to chat with poster presenters and ask questions in real time. Earn up to 5 contact hours total for time spent viewing and evaluating the posters throughout the conference.
Visit the Exhibit Hall to engage with industry stakeholders. 

2:55pm ET - 3:55pm ET
Tardive Dyskinesia Update: Telehealth, Diagnosis and Treatment
Presenter: Amy Belnap APRN, MSN, PMHNP-BC
No contact hours provided
Sponsoring Company: Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc

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Concurrent Sessions
4:05pm ET - 4:50pm ET
.75 Contact Hours

3021: Administration
4:05pm ET - 4:50pm ET

Dissemination of the Psychotic Disorders Standard Set of the International Consortium of Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) RN, APRN

This presentation introduces results of the International Consortium on Health Outcomes Measurement Psychotic Disorders Work Group. In 2012 ICHOM was tasked to unlock the potential of value-based healthcare by defining global Standard Sets of outcome measures that matter most to patients. Future payments will be based on these identified outcomes.  Abstract

Presenter: Mary Denise Moller, DNP, ARNP, APRN, PMHCNS-BC, CPRP, FAAN

3022: Workplace Violence
4:05pm ET - 4:50pm ET

Verbal De-escalation Team on an Acute Care Hospital UnitRN

This empowering presentation introduces a new way to implement effective communication skills on a hospital unit to decrease workplace violence. Patient and staff safety can be increased through on-going education and collaboration. By using role-play, participants learn to effectively communicate with the patient before they become agitated or violent.  Abstract

Presenter: Brandee Lynn Shipman, BS, BSN, RN

3023: Nursing Professional Development
4:05pm ET - 4:50pm ET

Didactic Theatre for Conversations, Communication & Confidence:  Nurses Caring for Medical-Surgical Patients With Mental Illness in Non-Psychiatric Settings – RN

This presentation introduces 'didactic theatre' - an innovative learning strategy - where 'seasoned nurses' discuss a range of their experiences with the complexities of MSMI patients while communicating, as 'mentors', their use of effective therapeutic techniques and recognition of MSMI patient behaviors. Dialogue is then continued with the nursing audience.  Abstract

Presenter: Jeanette J. Avery, PhD, MSN, CNE

3024: Simulation
4:05pm ET - 4:50pm ET

Improving Undergraduate Mental Health Students’ Nursing Skills Through  Standardized Participant Simulations – RN, APRN

This presentation will discuss the process of developing and evaluating Standardized Participant simulation experiences for an undergraduate mental health nursing course to improve students’ assessment, communication, and clinical judgement skills as well as increase patient safety.  Abstract

Presenters: Gail K. Godwin, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC

3025: Child & Adolescent
4:05pm ET - 4:50pm ET

The Changing Demographics of Youth Suicide - Is Social Media to Blame?RN, APRN

This presentation will discuss the changing demographics of youth suicide and the potential contribution of social media on rising suicide rates in pre- and early adolescents and in females. The results of our studies of adolescent suicide attempters will be presented with regards to social media influences on suicidal behavior.  Abstract

Presenter: Jamie Zelazny, PhD, RN


Concurrent Sessions
5:00pm ET - 5:45pm ET
.75 Contact Hours

3031: Research
5:00pm ET - 5:45pm ET

The Experiences of Parent Dyads in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – RN, APRN

This presentation discusses results of a qualitative study that captures the experiences of parents in their own words and identifies the mental health needs of parents in the neonatal intensive care unit, introducing a population to PMH RNs and APRNs that is in need of increased mental health/psychosocial support.  Abstract

Presenter:  Kristy Loewenstein, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC, NPD-BC, NEA-BC

3032: Graduate Education
5:00pm ET - 5:45pm ET

Is it Time to Re-examine the Physical Assessment Education for PMHNP?  – APRN

This interactive, engaging presentation  provides the opportunity for PMHNP educators  and other stakeholders to discuss and examine the current physical assessment content being taught in PMHNP based on the results of a national survey. The participants  will be stimulated to propose solutions to help standardize physical assessment course content.  Abstract

Presenters: Jeffery Ramirez, PhD, PMH-NP, CARN-AP, FAANP; Carol Kottwitz, DNP, PMHNNP, PMHCNS; Andrea Adimando, DNP, PMHNP-BC, BCIM; Kathy B. Riedford, PhD, PMHNP

3033: Integrated Care
5:00pm ET - 5:45pm ET

Nurse Led Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning: A Proactive and Holistic Model for Behavioral Emergency Response Teams – RN

This presentation outlines the components of a successful Behavioral Emergency Response Team and how to include proactive and interdisciplinary treatment planning as a method to reduce the severity and frequency of acute behavioral emergencies. There will be opportunities for interactive case studies and ask questions.  Abstract

Presenters: Adam Kozikowski, MS, PMHNP-BC; Nathan Jones, RN-BC


3035: Graduate Education
5:00pm ET - 5:45pm ET

An Academic - Non for Profit Partnership Model in Support of PMHNP Preceptor Placement – APRN

This presentation will codify the development of an academic - non for profit partnership model in support of PMHNP placement and share the high risk, high volume and problem-prone issues associated with this partnership. This presentation is supported by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.  Abstract

Presenters: Sean P. Convoy, PMHNP; Jamie Lord, DNP, PMHNP-BC



5:45pm ET - 6:45pm ET
The Comedy Club: Rx for Laughs
Special return engagement! He had us rolling in the aisles in New Orleans, and now he’s back just when we need him most. Comedian Pete Lee gets us and we get him – so settle in for an evening of laughter as only Pete can deliver.

Trivia Night…and don’t sign off yet….

It’s Trivia Time!
Dust off those fun facts lurking somewhere in your brain!  Go head-to-head with your fellow nurses in a trivia competition that’s sure to be a battle to remember. 

Poster Gallery
Visit the interactive gallery to engage with the presentations and earn up to 5 contact hours for time spent viewing and evaluating the posters.


6:45pm ET - 7:45pm ET
Engage in a Case Through Problem-Based Learning: Woman with Depressive Symptoms and Daily Challenges With Functioning and Quality of Life
Andrew J. Cutler, MD, Michelle Shamblin, RN, APMHNP-BC, CARN-AP 
No contact hours provided
Sponsoring Company: Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

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*This session’s contact hours pertain to pharmacology. Because states' requirements may vary, contact your Board of Nursing for more information.


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