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Lisa Burton

My vision for APNA, as the President-elect, is to represent the interests of the psychiatric nursing community for the State of Florida. My goal is to expand the membership for all nurses practicing in any mental health arena. I hope to reach all potential members to become actively engaged members and find the value in joining our organization. I hope to represent their interests at the National level and assist them as a resource for improving their lives as a mental health nurse. Our role and scope of practice are expanding.  I wish to provide leadership while being a force in forming a community of experts. My goal is to transform nurses into the role of the ambassadors of mental health.


Diane Esposito

I am committed to improving the mental health care of patients through the Psychiatric Mental Health Education of Nurses.  In my role of Member-at-Large, I have supported the development of state wide councils, and assisted with both the newly forming Substance Abuse/Addiction Council, and the Education and Research Council.  I hosted the 2015 APNA FL State Conference at PBAU, my place of employment at that time.  I am very happy to support the continued development of the Education and Research Council through participation in a research project, and hope to host a State Chapter Conference at my current place of employment, Nova Southeastern University.

Susan Kessler

To provide support, clinical resources, and network opportunities to Psychiatric Nurse Professionals and to impact legislative and key practice issues affecting psychiatric nursing

Cindy Parsons

As a member at large I commit to work with the leadership team to serve as the voice for psychiatric nursing in Florida. Psychiatric nurses provide a valuable service to a diverse and vulnerable population, there are many challenges faced by RNs and APRNs as we work within our chosen specialty. Through the work of our chapter we can work with our national organization to advocate for federal legislation to improve access, afforadability and quality of care, develop and advocate position statements related to aspects of care delivery (staffing, restraint & seclusion) or to work collectively to establish strong professional standards. At the state level the chapter leadership will continue to develop quality programs and conferences and work to engage our peers in making the chapter strong and the voices of psychiatric nurses heard.


Cheryl Kaufman

Assist the board in: 1) continuing to provide a professional forum for psychiatric nurses and psychiatric advanced practice nurses; 2) to further enhance the education, collegial relationships and professional networking opportunities for psychiatric mental health nurses; 3) continuing the advancement of the profession of psychiatric mental health nursing by improving community awareness on the role of the psychiatric mental health nurse; 4) collaborating with other nursing organizations to support legislation that will increase access to excellent mental health care; 5) providing support to local APNA chapters.

Linda McCash

I can envision the APNA, Florida Chapter becoming more prominent in psychiatric-mental health nursing in Florida. Recruitment of members is key to the maintenance and expansion of the chapter. Increased participation by existing members of the Florida Chapter could be accomplished by offering educational opportunities and quarterly conferences for members to network and  build relationships. Planning conferences for nurses by nurses addressing evidence based practice supported by nursing research and discussion of current work place issues and psychiatric mental health patient care are imperative. As chapter treasurer, I can facilitate financial affairs of the chapter as directed by the President and other board members. I would like to contribute more to the discipline of nursing and become active in the APNA, Florida Chapter.

Linda Mays

I believe the APNA, Media Coordinator is liaison between the Florida Chapter, psychiatric nurses and the issues that impact our profession.  Through the use of marketing plan and a variety of media sources, new members are attracted while current members are informed and inspired.  As the eyes and ears of the Florida Chapter, the media coordinator position is crucial to building a strong psychiatric nursing community. 

Media Coordinator

Karen McNeely

To help grow and sustain membership in APNA. Provide resources for all psychiatric mental health nurses in Florida.

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is accredited with distinction as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.