You know you're a psychiatric nurse when... are moved to tears and inspired by a patient's resilience and insight. are not afraid to talk to the client/patient that the non-psych nurses are afraid to talk to.

...other nurses say, "I could never do that." can do a suicide assessment on the med/surg floor without batting an eyelash.

...holistic and integrated practice becomes 'second nature' breathing out and breathing in! reach in your pocket for keys when you are opening doors at home…

...your spouse formulates psychiatric diagnoses for strangers in restaurants.

...your young son, in response to your telling him something he did "made mommy mad" states "but mommy, I can't MAKE you mad. Only you can control your feelings. If you are mad it's because you choose to be!"  Oh my....and it's a true story. never give up on the repeat admissions because you belive in miracles. care enough to give your very best. listen a lot more than you speak, but your words can change the direction of someone else's life.

...your husband uses the phrase 'acting out' to describe the cats' behavior! start diagnosing your pet dogs based on their behavior. wish you could order Ativan as a pizza topping. see a disheveled person talking to himself and you think-aww-there goes one of my peeps. see a pair of scissors on a counter top in a public place and wonder why in the world they would leave them out for ANYONE to grab! can use the word "milieu" several times in one day.


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