What is your facility's minimum standard rounding practice?


  1. Per patient seen (private practice)
  2. Individuals may be assigned as every 15 min checks or constant observation or 1:1 within eyesight by staff
  3. Perform safety checks of unit every 8 hours
  4. This is for the Acute Psych Units
  5. Increased if patient condition or milieu activity require
  6. If suicidal, 1:1
  7. We use 1:1 or constant observation if needed
  8. Only after 5 pm (then security guard is present doing rounds)
  9. When in bed every 30 minutes
  10. According to patient needs. Some Q30 minutes, if on precautions, Q15 minutes
  11. Every 15 minutes on the child/adolescent and ICU psych units
  12. Depending on which unit they are assigned to.
  13. I am not currently doing safety checks myself.
  14. Round at random times twice an hour at no more than 40 minute intervals. The times are pre-determined. Staff also routinely checks bathrooms every 15 minutes.
  15. Charge nurses round at the start and end of each shift
  16. We do hourly rounding, that is the same as the safety check, but with visual inspection of the patients’ room and surroundings for contraband, items that post a safety risk, etc.
  17. On the admission wards every 30 minutes, on long term wards every 60 minutes.
  18. We check patients every 15 minutes. Contraband rounds are done twice per shift, and environmental safety rounds are done Q shift.
  19. Since there is someone doing the safety checks 24/7, only Rns at night are required to round at least twice.
  20. 7.5 minutes
  21. Some patients are on 15 minute checks and we use 1:1's
  22. 15 minutes in locked units. 60 in open
  23. On our most acute units, a rounder is present in the hall at all times but documents every 15 minutes
  24. Every 15 minutes is standard for all patients. LOS or 1:1 used prn
  25. Unit specific, from 15 minute to 60 minute checks standard
  26. Every 15 minutes for high risk patients
  27. The nurses make hourly rounds.
  28. Full unit environmental and patient rounds hourly
  29. Every 30 minutes
  30. 30 minute locked unit, 60 minute open unit
  31. Q15 minute x 48 hours (or per MD orders); o/w Q60 minutes
  32. Very few are actually q30, most q15 minutes
  33. Inpatient psychiatry setting
  34. This is for a residential program only
  35. Documented in the computer hourly
  36. I work in 2 facilities. One rounds every 15 minutes on all patients. One facility rounds every 15 minutes on patients only if suicidal or specifically ordered by the psychiatrist. Otherwise, rounding occurs hourly.
  37. Every 60 minutes during day/evenings and every 30 minutes over night
  38. When asleep while awake as above
  39. Visual check minimally Q15 minutes
  40. 10 minute checks for certain precautions as suicide level 2 or elopement level 2
  41. These are done by psych assistants
  42. New patients Q15 minutes for first 48 hours. This order must be dc'd by the doctor based on patient condition. Patient might then be on hourly checks, continue Q15 or be placed on constant 1:1 observation
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