How frequently do you perform safety checks?


  1. Per patient seen (private practice)
  2. Patients at risk for suicide, etc. can be placed on 1:1 precautions.
  3. Depends on doctor orders or unit protocol
  4. Environmental Rounds done once a shift
  5. Outpatient facility; not done routinely during business hours.
  6. Search of environment 2 times daily
  7. Every shift is a complete room check
  8. Depends on level of psychiatric acuity and nature of illness
  9. I perform them as needed, if a mental health assistant is not available
  10. On admission and room checks once per shift
  11. Depends on the patient and observation status. We do environmental safety checks q30 minutes when we make rounds (eyeball environment and patient rooms looking for contraband i.e. plastic bags, sharps etc.)
  12. This is routine for everyone.
  13. Once per shift. When patient leaves unit, or when visitors have come.
  14. Patients on special precautions for identified risk would be on 15 minutes/line of sight or 1:1.
  15. Could also be constant arm's length observation or constant eyesight observation
  16. When a patient is started on safety precautions and during the time that the patient is on safety precautions.
  17. Open areas
  18. When a patient is started on safety precautions and during the time that the patient is on safety precautions. Patients on Safety Precautions are monitored either constantly or four times an hour (dependent on level: Strict or close).
  19. "Officially" documented q15 minutes
  20. Some patients get every 15 minute checks (active suicide risk, acute psychosis, etc.)
  21. Every 8 hours
  22. Most is informal
  23. Ideally every 15 minutes q24 hours. Line of site ideal; however if the patient is in a family in session with staff the session is not interrupted
  24. On admission and after TLOA
  25. Dayroom watch
  26. Every 7.5 minutes
  27. Safety checks are done on admission. Rounding is for the purpose of verifying patient presence and safety
  28. We also have constant visual orders for patients requiring constant attending
  29. Depending on individual need
  30. Ours are random 15 minute safety checks.
  31. Line of sight was recently eliminated at our hospital
  32. Constant camera monitoring (1:1) at times when it is too intrusive to visualize the patient directly
  33. This would be assessing whereabouts
  34. More often when there's a known potential
  35. All patients are on at least 15 minute checks, some on 5
  36. Line of sight or one to one only if q15 minute checks are inadequate to maintain safety
  37. To patient every 15 minutes, to room every 8 hours
  38. I am not always on the units
  39. As an ARNP, I am usually off the units except for morning rounds
  40. Individualized based on patient needs
  41. Safety checks are "contraband" checks weekly.
  42. The mental health workers perform safety checks every 15 minutes.
  43. Depends on situation
  44. Monitoring for safety, outside of the minimum checks is decided based on the guest's behavior
  45. Terminology "close observation"
  46. Always looking for safety issues
  47. Individualized for each patient as necessary
  48. These are done by RNs
  49. Depending on issue--standard in our facility is 30 minutes could drop down to 15 if needed. 1:1 observation and line of sight as needed.
  50. Depends on patient's need and doctor's order
  51. With the admission of each patient and one time every 8-hour shift and as further indicated.
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