APNA Annual Conference: What the APNA Scholars had to say!

"I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to attend this conference. Without the support of the Janssen student scholarship program, attending the APNA conference is an experience I would not likely have had until later in my career. My excitement for PMH nursing was renewed and I gained a wealth of information...that has improved my own practice and renewed my energy for improving and propelling the profession."

"I simply have an overwhelming amount of gratitude for this experience. It has ushered me into a new sense of pride and commitment to this profession and invites me to grow both professionally and personally to offer quality of care to those in need in a way which honors both my background and the needs of my clients."

"This was such a wonderful experience, and I was so blessed to be a part of it! I also feel so incredibly fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful specialty in a profession that I love! Thank you to APNA and Janssen!"

"Hearing outside professions lecture on the necessity of psychiatric nurses and the great work that they do really enthralled me."

"I really enjoyed the "Integrated Mental Health Sessions" and felt that as I prepare to transition into my role as a PMHNP, the sessions discussed understanding physical and mental health care were particularly helpful."

"I learned many, many, many new things! But I think the most intriguing part of it was taking a look at the history of APNA with Grayce Sills. I had never heard any of this before and knowing how far APNA has come in only 25 years makes me excited for the future!"

"I was introduced to the expansive and close-knit network of advanced practice nurses, many of whom appear to be embracing nursing roles as leaders, researchers, educators, healers and advocates with such passion and abandon."

"After witnessing the courage and initiative of so many of the educators and leaders in the field, I have been inspired to commit to bringing psychodrama and related modalities into settings in which I work. I was further reminded of the essence of evidence-based practice and its importance and am commited to remaining informed and supple in my own practice. I have been introduced to the wide arena of resources, both professional and personal, in advanced psych nursing and intend on remaining in touch with this field's network."

"This was an unforgettable experience and has greatly expanded my knowledge of psychiatric nursing. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity."


"Seeing all these people together who want to make positive changes in mental health for all was very empowering."

"I didn't realize how creative some of the nursing faculty are being in their classrooms! I learned many strategies to keep my future students engaged!!!"

"This has been the highlight of my educational journey. What an amazing and life changing event! I will be forever grateful for this opportunity. I feel so honored to be a part of this program. What validation to all my hard work. Now, I want to do even more after meeting so many talented and gifted nurses."

"I had a wonderful experience; it's hard to put into words all the information I learned and the networking I experienced. I loved meeting new people, and it was such an honor to be among such strong forerunners in the field, such as Jean Watson."

"There are SO MANY forms of therapy available for psychiatric illness beyond just medication. Learning about these modalities will help make my practice more well-rounded and thorough."

"I was able to discuss the transition from nursing student to new grad with many practice and education leaders. I felt encouraged to pursue a more unconventional path (only RN at a community mental health center) and feel that I have lots of ideas for shaping my role."

"Attending the conference has solidified in my mind my interest in pursuing a DNP in Adult Mental Health, and my desire to contribute to future research."

"I met many bright nurses in the area that I plan to move to after college. they all gave me their contact information, were very kind and wanted to help me in my career path."

"Since returning from the APNA conference I have talked with several colleagues regarding drug-drug interactions that occur with psychotropic medications. I believe that having information from the conference to teach others with has been a great way to promote and further PMH nursing."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. You made it so special with all the information before the trip and then it was such an honor to be there and experience such a fun and informative meeting. I feel so lucky. And I will never forget the kindness of APNA and all its members."

"I had a wonderful experience! I was given the opportunity of a lifetime by attending this conference. I always had an interest in mental health nursing but by attending this conference I now know for sure that I want to further my education and build my career around mental health nursing."

"Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. It has had a truly positive impact on my professional identity and path. One of the most important things I walked away with was a sense of community with other PMH nurses, and have been a better advocate for PMH nursing since experiencing this."


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