11th Annual CPI Recap
David Mineta delivers keynote
Mineta speaks to a packed audience

Just last week, more than 460 nurses joined us in Reston, VA for the APNA 11th Annual Clinical Psychopharmacology Institute. The conference this year focused on dimensions of psychopharmacologic practice across the lifespan, with sessions addressing bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, sleep, electronic health records, child & adolescent issues, and more. Attendees enjoyed outstanding keynote presentations by Thomas Insel, MD, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, on Friday and David Mineta, Deputy Director of Demand Reduction with the Office of National Drug Control Policy, on Saturday.

The conference kicked off with another action-packed session by APNA member and CPI favorite Barbara Limandri, discussing the Confluence of Prescribing and Psychotherapy using DBT principles. With a focus on treating the brain and not the diagnosis, Limandri addressed medication challenges and polypharmacy, comorbidities, strategies for augmentation, complementation, and commitment, as well as prescribing relationships and off-label use.

Friday morning’s keynote session with Thomas Insel addressed Disruptive Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience. He discussed some of the new clinical targets for mental disorders:  rapid anti-depressants, prosocial compounds, and cognitive enhancers for deficits in executive function, to name a few. Insel called for a new culture of neuroscience by reframing mental disorders as brain disorders, stressing the need to not only change our treatments, but also our diagnostics. He said, “The DSM-5 is not a bible; it's a dictionary. It's a beginning - a tool - to talk about a cluster of symptoms.”

Before his keynote presentation, the APNA Board of Directors was pleased to present Dr. Insel with the APNA Scientific Partnership Award. This award was established in 2012 to honor those interdisciplinary colleagues who have made significant contributions to the advancement of psychiatric nurses’ scientific knowledge. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Director was honored for the partnership that the NIMH has afforded APNA in recent years, providing distinguished speakers for APNA conferences since 2009. Learn more about the award here.

Saturday started off with a keynote presentation by David Mineta, focusing on Policy Changes Affecting Substance Use and Access to Treatment Impacting Prescribers. Much more than a law enforcement issue, Mineta explained that substance use has the lowest treatment penetration rate than any other chronic illness. Among discussions of naloxone as a live saving tool and an increase in opioid deaths, he said, “Psychiatric nurses are among the best prepared to offer integrated effective substance use services under the Affordable Care Act”.

For a closer look at this year’s program and topics, visit the CPI website at www.apna.org/CPI. The presentations were recorded on-site and will be posted in the APNA eLearning Center as podcasts in the next couple of months. CPI attendees will have free access and sessions will be available to purchase for anyone who couldn’t make it to the conference.