APNA Annual Conference Volunteer Guidelines

Thanks so much for volunteering at the APNA 33rd Annual Conference! Please feel free to use this information as a guide while you are completing your volunteer tasks. You can pick up a personal copy of these guidelines at the APNA Registration Desk if you like. A volunteer schedule and additional information is posted on the information bulletin board near the APNA Registration Desk.

The following provides some guidelines/directions for our volunteers:

  • Ribbons:  Please wear your orange VOLUNTEER ribbon to assist in recognizing other volunteers in your session and throughout the conference.
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes early.
    • Find the volunteer packet in the front of the room.
    • Find the other volunteers and coordinate to make sure that all volunteer tasks are covered (handouts, timekeeping, general attendee & presenter assistance).

Session Room Tasks:

  • Handouts:  Some presenters may have handouts and will need your help to distribute them.
  • Timekeeping:  Speakers need your help to keep sessions on time. Before the presentation begins:
    • Locate the signs in the Volunteer Packet (10 min, 5 min, STOP).
    • Sit near the front of the room and tell the speaker that you will notify them when they have 10 minutes left to finish their presentation. Use the signs as needed.
    • Exact times for each session are listed on the daily schedule in the program book (schedule at a glance or day tabs). Timekeeping is essential:
      • Concurrent sessions (45 minutes) go very quickly with only a short break between sessions.  
      • Mini concurrent sessions are grouped into blocks of two 20-minute presentations. Please ensure that the first speaker sticks to the 20-minute time so that the second speaker has their full 20 minutes to present. You can use the 10 min, 5 min, STOP signs for each presentation.
      • Pre-conference sessions will include an additional “30 min” sign in the Volunteer Packet. If you feel it would be useful to hold up this sign for the presenter, please feel free!
  • Presenter Reminders - Microphones:  There are 3 microphones in each room: one clip-on for the presenter, one podium mic for additional speakers, and one aisle mic for attendee questions. Because all sessions are being audio-recorded please remind the speakers during the presentation if necessary:
    • All presenters should speak into the microphone(s) at all times.
    • Presenters should direct attendees to the aisle mic for questions so that everyone in the room can hear and questions will be recorded.
      • It is helpful for presenters to re-state or summarize questions before providing the answer.

Note: Volunteers do not do speaker introductions. (See FAQ below)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can the chairs in the room be moved?

Each room is set up for the entire day and will not be re-set. Please be courteous to other presenters and leave the chairs where they are.

  1. Can there be additional microphones brought to the room?

The audio/visual set-up and microphones are pre-arranged and constant throughout the conference sessions. We will not be able to provide additional microphones outside of the clip-on, podium, and attendee Q/A mic already in the room.

  1. Do volunteers do speaker introductions?

Volunteers do not do speaker introductions – this time is not counted for contact hours by ANCC. The speakers have been told to briefly introduce themselves and then begin the session.

  1. Can a presenter use an updated version of their slides for the session?

If the presenter has an updated version of their slides on a flash drive, s/he can use this version for the presentation. Presenters should send any updated ppt files to APNA (lhoop@apna.org)  so that they can be posted as updated handouts after the conference. We will send an email with this information also.

Many other questions can be answered by consulting the Program Book, or by asking the APNA staff members at the Registration Desk or Help Desk.

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