Sharing a Resource on Member Bridge

Start sharing resources with Member Bridge by following these instructions (taken from our Member Bridge User's Guide). Remember, when you agreed to the Member Bridge Code of Conduct, you agreed no to share any information or other material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.

Uploading a document to a library is a quick and easy way to share resources and information with the members of a community. There are several ways to do this.

Via Email

You can share a resource with colleagues easily through email. When you receive an email notification (Daily Digest, community notification, or direct message), you can reply through your email.

  • Click the Reply to Group button next to the message to which you want to reply.
  • A new email will open, with the correct address automatically in the ‘to’ field to post your reply to the community.
  • Type your message and attach your resource as you would a normal email.
  • Click send to share your resource.
  • Your message and resource will now be posted in the Member Bridge Community and will be emailed to the community members in their daily digest.


Via Member Bridge Site

You can also post a message directly to a discussion thread with an attachment on the Member Bridge community site.

  • Log in to and navigate to the community.
  • Click the Discussion tab in a community's main page.
  • Click the Post New Message button at the right side of the page.
  • Enter a message.
  • Click the Attach button at the bottom of the page. A window will pop up asking you to select the location of the file.
  • Double click on the desired file and it will automatically attach to your message.

  • When you are finished composing your message, click the Send button at the bottom of the page. Your message will then be emailed to all members of the community and posted to the Discussion thread.


Via Community Library

Another way to share a resource is through the community library.

  • Go to the community homepage.
  • Click the green button labeled Create a Library Entry.

(You can also click on the Library tab from the community homepage. Once again, you will see a green Create a Library Entry button. Clicking it will bring you to the document upload page.)

  • Select a file to be added to the community library.

Before you upload the file, you must select what type of resource it is.

  • Click the black arrow in the Entry Type column to see the drop down menu. For a Word document, PDF, Excel spreadsheet, etc, without a copyright, select Standard File Upload.

  • Hit the next button to be taken to the page where you can choose your document.
  • Clicking the Choose button will open a window where you can select your file.
  • Click Upload File(s) when you are done selecting your file, then click Next.

On the next page, you can further describe your document. Click Next when you are done. You also have the option of adding tags to your uploaded file. Tags help other users find your document by classifying it in search terms. Once you are done adding tags, click the green Finish button.

Your document is now posted to the community and accessible by the group. From here, you can delete your document and make other changes by clicking the orange Actions button.

*Remember, when you agreed to the Member Bridge Code of Conduct, you agreed no to share any information or other material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.*

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