Chapter and Community Meeting Schedule

Chapter and community meetings are scheduled for Friday, October 4th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm.
Meet your fellow members face-to-face. Network. Increase your circle of friends and colleagues.

Meeting Room
APNA Alabama Chapter
Room 356-357 (back right)
Alaska Community Room 345 (front left)
APNA Arizona Chapter
Room 255-257 (back left)
APNA Arkansas Chapter
Room 347 (front left)
APNA California Chapter
Room 345 (front right)
APNA Colorado Chapter
Room 255-257 (back right)
Delaware Community Room 346 (center)
District of Columbia Room 345 (back left)
APNA Florida Chapter
Room 343-344 (back left)
APNA Georgia Chapter Room 356-357 (front left)
APNA Hawaii Chapter
Room 252-254 (front right)
Idaho Community Room 345 (back right)
APNA Illinois Chapter
Room 356-357 (front right)
APNA Indiana Chapter
Room 252-254 (front right)
APNA Iowa Chapter Room 347 (center)
APNA Kansas Chapter
Room 351 (front)
APNA Kentucky Chapter
Room 255-257 (center)
APNA Louisiana Chapter
Room 343-344 (back right)
Maryland Community Room 252-254 (back right)
APNA Michigan Chapter
Room 353-355 (front left)
APNA Minnesota Chapter
Room 353-355 (front right)
APNA Mississippi Chapter
Room 345 (center)
Missouri Community
Room 255-257 (front right)
Montana Community Room 351 (center)
APNA Nebraska Chapter
Room 350 (front)
Nevada Community Room 347 (back left)
APNA New England Chapter
Room 352 (back right)
APNA New Jersey Chapter
Room 353-355 (center)
APNA New Mexico Chapter
Room 351 (back)
APNA New York Chapter
Room 346 (front)
APNA North Carolina Chapter
Room 252-254 (center)
North Dakota Community Room 346 (back)
APNA Ohio Chapter Room 343-344 (front left)
APNA Oklahoma Chapter Room 347 (back right)
APNA Oregon Chapter
Room 356-357 (center)
APNA Pennsylvania Chapter
Room 352 (back left)
South Carolina Community
Room 252-254 (back left)
South Dakota Community
Room 352 (front left)
APNA Tennessee Chapter Room 353-355 (back right)
APNA Texas Chapter
Room 343-344 (front right)
APNA Utah Chapter
Room 255-257 (front right)
APNA Virginia Chapter
Room 356-357 (back left)
APNA Washington Chapter
Room 353-355 (back left)
West Virginia Community
Room 352 (front right)
APNA Wisconsin Chapter
Room 350 (center)
Wyoming Community Room 350 (back)
3141 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 625
Falls Church, VA 22042
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