Digital Membership with ANA


To access your ANA Digital Membership:

  1. Visit the ANA website:
  2. Click on the Log In button in the upper left corner of their screen.
  3. Your log in information will depend upon any current or past affiliation with ANA:

    APNA members can log into the ANA Website for the first time by entering the email address you use for APNA membership and use your email address as your password (lower case letters only).

    APNA members who have accessed the ANA website previously should log in using the email and password last used with ANA. If you forgot your password, you can reset it using the link on the log-in screen. 

  4. Need Help? Please contact ANA at or call 1-800-923-7709 if there are any issues.


As an APNA member, you will begin to receive some ANA emails and digital publications immediately. However, there are some features (access to members-only website content, for instance) that will require logging into the ANA website. For instructions on doing so, please see the box at the right.

At no additional cost or dues increase, enjoy:

Digital access to all member-only ANA content and publications:

  • Access to member-only content on the ANA Website “NursingWorld”
  • Digital access to “American Nurse Today” journal: Award-winning monthly journal featuring peer-reviewed clinical, practical, practice-oriented, career and personal editorial content
  • Access to ANA’s Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (OJIN): Peer-reviewed, posted online three times a year
  • Access to ANA eNewsletters:
    • ANA Smartbrief: Daily opt-in eNews briefings designed for nursing professionals, delivered to your email box
    • ANA Nursing Insider: Weekly opt-in eNewsletter with ANA news, legislative updates and events
    • ANA Member News:  Monthly eNewsletter devoted to ANA member benefits, news, products/services and activities. Distributed amongst ANA members.

Member-only discounts to ANA products and events and access to ANA-only services:


Note: Digital Membership with ANA is not a replacement for full membership with ANA, nor does it replace membership in state ANA associations. This Digital Membership does not include print publications or the ability to hold office or vote.


Should you wish to opt out of the Digital Membership with ANA, please email with the words "Digital Membership with ANA Opt out" in your email. Please feel free to call us at 855-863-APNA (2762) with any concerns or questions.

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