Past APNA Student Scholars Testimonials


Doug Taylor

Featured Scholar: CPT Douglas Taylor, RN

"I gained professionally and personally from the Scholarship...this recognition helped me increase my ability to influence people and thus increase the voice of mental health nursing in direct person care and policy development. Personally, this Scholarship instilled in me a great sense of gratitude, especially to the whole APNA team and the Board of Directors. The personal attention and encouragement build a further sense of duty to be an active nurse leader and pay the generosity forward." (Read about Doug's experience.)




2017 APNA Board of Directors Student Scholars
2017 APNA Board of Directors Student Scholars

What Past APNA Student Scholars Say

“As an APNA BOD Scholar, I intend to share my experience at the conference with my fellow students and colleagues to increase my advocacy for the profession and play an integral role in strengthening others' networking and leadership opportunities which can make them more involved in PMH movement and activities.”

"Networking with nursing leaders inspired me so much. I plan to continue my education, to contribute to psychiatric nursing by doing research and providing best possible care based on the most current evidence based research to every single patient that I care for."

"I was able to discuss the transition from nursing student to new grad with many practice and education leaders. I felt encouraged to pursue a more unconventional path (only RN at a community mental health center) and feel that I have lots of ideas for shaping my role."

"I am deeply grateful and incredibly honored to have been given this opportunity. It opened up horizons. I was able to make meaningful connections with colleagues that will factor into my practice moving forward. It reinvigorated my passions and reinforced the need to continue to advocate for the patients and for my profession."

"It was absolutely energizing to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic nurses in the psychiatric field. It was also a great way to learn about new and currently trending material... The experience was unforgettable!"

"My perspective on the breadth and depth of psychiatric nursing grew exponentially as a result [of this opportunity]. In addition, my sense of place and purpose within both nursing and psychiatry/mental health grew. I am more sure of my choice to become a PMHNP, confident that it is an exciting field."

"My experience as an APNA BOD Scholar had opened my eyes to realizing that I was excited by research. Prior to the conference, I never thought I would want to participate in research. Now I feel excited to go out in practice and see what areas I can research to promote our practice and outcomes for our patient base."



Continued Involvement in APNA

APNA student scholars continue to be involved in APNA throughout their PMH nursing careers. Past scholars have presented at Annual Conferences, served on committees, and assumed leadership positions in their chapters and at the national level.

For example, in late 2011, the Board of Directors reached out to the APNA Scholars for help in obtaining background information to inform APNA's strategic planning process. Volunteer student scholars conducted environmental scans on key psychiatric-mental health nursing issues identified by the membership and submitted a report sharing their findings. Click on the links below to view their reports:

Quality Indicators | Seclusion & Restraint | Suicide Prevention | Workplace Violence


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