Specific Core Nursing Content # 13: Nursing Research

Clinical Learning Outcomes

  • Critically appraise research studies.
  • Utilize research findings in planning and evaluating nursing care.
  • Disseminate research findings to colleagues, patients and families.
  • Utilize research findings to evaluate clinical policies and procedures.

Teaching Strategies

Classroom Teaching Strategies
  • Relate the ANA (2015) Code of Ethics to research with vulnerable populations.
  • Discuss research procedure in relation to psychiatric-mental health nursing.
    • Qualitative vs Quantitative
    • Institutional Review Board
    • Informed Consent
  • Discuss evidence-based practice in psychiatric-mental health nursing.
  • Value the mental health organizations supporting nursing research.
  • Research Study Critique
  • Literature Review of a Mental Health Topic (peer reviewed journals)
  • Review of Measurement Tools
  • Concept Mapping of a Research Article
  • Group Activity: Develop Mini Research Proposal
  • Meet a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Scientist (virtual)
  • Identify mental health data bases for literature search
Clinical Teaching Strategies
  • Grand Rounds: Pose a research question in relation to a clinical situation
  • Pre/Post PMH Conference Topics : Informed Consents, Involuntary commitments, Mental health parity
Journal Club
  • Ted Talks club
  • Research article review - Students can choose from listed PMH journals

Assessment Strategies

Classroom Strategies
  • ATI & HESI Assessment
  • Research Presentation
  • Poster Presentation of Research Findings- Assignment with rubric [see appendix 14]
Reflective Journal Prompts – Can also be used for online discussion board
  • Pose a research question related to ethical dilemmas, evidence based best practice
  • How did a research article help me choose an evidence based intervention?
  • Reflect on the assigned research article and how the study results will impact the practice of psychiatric-mental health nursing.
  • Discuss the ethical principles applicable to the assigned research study and how the human rights of the study participants were protected.
Clinical Skills Checklist
  • Knowledge of evidence supporting clinical skill (Standard 9. Evidence-Based Practice)
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