Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How Do I Communicate with APNA?
  2. How Do I Utilize Member Bridge?
  3. How Do I Schedule Chapter Conference Calls?
  4. How do I submit a disbursement request for Chapter expenses?
  5. How Does the Chapter handle elections?
  6. How Do I Send an E-mail to the Chapter?
  7. How Do I Request a Roster of Chapter Membership?
  8. How Do I Request Changes for the Chapter’s Webpages?
  9. Where Can I Find Additional Resources?
  10. When Are Conference Calls for Chapter Presidents Held?


1.       How Do I Communicate with APNA?

The chapter leader should email
This includes requests for the services provided to chapters that are outlined on this page.
You will be assigned a point of contact, however, please note that there is a team of people available to provide support during regular business hours.


2.       How Do I Utilize Member Bridge?

We would like chapter leaders to use this vehicle in tandem with the chapter web page to communicate with the members in your chapter.

  • A link to the chapter community is at the top of every chapter's main webpage.
  • Members are automatically subscribed to the chapter community when they join APNA.
  •  If you haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of Member Bridge yet here is a comprehensive user's guide.
  • There is a community on the Member Bridge for chapter leaders to network and share their experiences.  You’ve been subscribed to this community.  We suggest you change your subscription for this community to receive messages in “real” time.


3.       How Do I Schedule Chapter Conference Calls?

  • The time and date are sent to and APNA will set up conference calls for Chapter leadership.
  • An Outlook appointment is sent to participants with a toll-free number to call and instructions on how to connect to the conferencing service.
  • Agendas can be sent to participants if provided by the Chapter leadership.
  • A reminder is sent the day before the call.
  • Upon the Chapter’s request, APNA will poll Chapter leaders for availability using the Chapter’s designated contact person’s available times.
  • GoToMeeting is an option for conference calls.
  • Templates for an agenda and preferred format for minutes for board meetings can be found here.


4.       How do I submit a disbursement request for chapter expenses?

  • Disbursement Requests should be submitted to in advance of payments required by chapter. We will work with the Director of Finance and Administration to process your request. Please allow 3 business days for processing. Checks will be mailed directly to vendors/payees.
  • Credit Card Payment: Contact APNA National at 855.863.2762 x5659 with any time-sensitive payments which require less than the standard processing period above.  Please provide advance notice and ensure that the receipt is sent to
  • Here’s a link to the banking instructions. Financial reports are issued on the 20th of every month to the chapter leader, but these can be issued upon request.


5.       How Does the Chapter handle Elections?

a.   Call for Nominations

  • The Chapter must first send a request for a Call for Nominations (including open positions and text for the e-mail message) to
  • APNA will create a nomination form using online survey software.
  • The Chapter web page will be updated with the selection information and a link to the response form.
  • APNA will send a total of three messages to Chapter members who have not responded using the response form.
  • APNA will review the list of candidates to make sure that each person is a current APNA member.
  • APNA will send a summary of the results to the Chapter’s designated contact person along with the actual responses in spreadsheet format.

b.   Ballot

  • The Chapter must submit a list of candidates and candidate statements if they so desire.
  • APNA will create the survey as an electronic form online.
  • APNA will create a web page for the candidate statements.
  • APNA will post selection information on the Chapter website with a link to the survey and to the candidate statements.
  • APNA will send three messages to Chapter members reminding them of the response deadline.
  • Once the polls close, APNA will check to make sure that all who responded are current APNA members.
  • A summary of the results are sent to the Chapter’s designated contact person along with a spreadsheet of results.
  • The Chapter Leader confirms back to chapter support the names newly elected board members.

c.  Per the APNA Chapter Rules & Regulations, selected leader names will be submitted to the APNA Board of Directors for endorsement and approval.


6.       How Do I Send an E-mail to the Chapter?

  • APNA will send out emails on behalf of the Chapter to the Chapter’s members in the  manner set forth herein.
  • The Chapter must send the message text/document (including a contact name and phone number) to
  • Include the sender’s name, email address, and phone number in the message text. Messages going to all the members in a chapter need to come from the chapter President.
  • Non-member contacts can be included in your message if requested.
  • APNA requests a window of 2 - 3 days for the email to be sent, but if workload allows, it will be sent as soon as possible.
  • APNA will format the message and proof before sending out.
  • If an attachment is included it is uploaded to the APNA website after being proofed for formatting and correctness. If appropriate, if an email is provided for the purpose of promoting a Chapter event, the entry may be posted on the Chapter pages for the event.
  • If you wish to send to areas outside the chapter you must first obtain approval from that area’s Chapter President before sending information to their members.
  • Sending an email to a region within in the chapter:
    • Records for the applicable region must be coded in our database in order for an email to be sent to that group of people. If the representative reviews a roster and indicates the areas in their region we can code the records.
    • A regional representative may request an email to be sent. However, requests should be submitted as directed above to with a carbon copy (cc) sent to the Chapter President.
    • A message is assumed to be approved unless we are notified otherwise by the Chapter President within 24 hours.
    • Requests will only be sent to the members in that region. Emails signed by a regional representative cannot be sent to the entire chapter.
  • Here's a link to the email request instructions.


7.       How Do I Request a Roster of Chapter Membership?

  • Chapter rosters are provided upon request.
  • Monthly reports are issued for New, Expired, and Reinstated Chapter memberships.
  • Regions can be coded in the APNA database. Chapter representatives can then contact to request that e-mails be sent to their area.
  • APNA does not provide a list of email addresses, but will facilitate sending emails to Chapter members.


8.       How Do I Request Changes for the Chapter’s Webpages?

We suggest you audit the chapter web pages periodically to see if updates are required.
Changes are made upon request when edits are sent to


9.       Where Can I Find Additional Resources?

An online Chapter Toolkit has been created to answer most of your questions. You’ll get more information about APNA and how you can fully take advantage of services we offer chapter volunteers. 


10.     When Are Conference Calls for Chapter Leaders Held?

Conference calls are held in January, May, and September in advance of APNA Board of Directors meetings.  Information will be sent in an e-mail message or be posted to the Chapter Board_Pres&Elect community on Member Bridge. These calls are primarily for chapter leaders, but any board member is welcome to participate.  These calls are a great opportunity to get updates on APNA activities and to present any issues you face in your state for discussion.


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