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May 2020

APNA Members' Corner


President's Message: What a Time for Nurses Month!
Remember how 2020 was named the Year of the Nurse in honor of Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday? How appropriate that seems now. In the face of new challenges, nurses are rising to the occasion and continuing to provide quality health care, sometimes at great personal cost. (Read More)

Nurses in Action: Travel Nursing in the Time of COVID-19
When Mercedes Scott Stepp saw the impact of the pandemic on her fellow nurses, she knew she wanted to go where help was needed. Mercedes is currently working as a psychiatric-mental health nurse at a state hospital in Georgia. Hear from Mercedes about her experience, encouragement for other nurses on the frontline, and more.

Self Portrait of a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse
Susan J. Gray, APN reflects on being a psychiatric-mental health nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic: COVID-19 has hit. Hospitals are bursting at the seams, asking health professionals to give more and more of their time. I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, but always a psychiatric nurse for 40 years. I work 3 jobs caring for the psychiatric needs of patients. I love my work. It’s rewarding.... (Read more from Susan.)

Member News
Demaris Aragon and Melody Bemis discuss staying connected to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic; Barbarajo Bockenhauer steps forward as a volunteer to help with New Hampshire’s response to COVID-19; Rose Constantino receives 2020 American Nurses Association National Award; Karen Foli conducts research on the extent of psychological trauma induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, joins Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Editorial Board; Nick Guenzel details the University of Nebraska Medical Center offering free mental health care for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic; Stephanie Swain named Acute Care Director of South Peninsula Hospital’s Homer Medical Center. (Learn More)

Featured Resource: Well-Being Initiative
To support the wellness and resilience of nurses as you face the unique challenges of a pandemic, APNA partnered with the American Nurses Foundation, American Nurses Association, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, and the Emergency Nurses Association to introduce the Well-Being Initiative. Through the Well-Being Initiative, nurses can manage stress and mental health through virtual support systems, specialized tools, and more. View Now

Year of the Nurse: Stephanie Weatherly, MSN, RN-BC
Alysha WoodsDuring the Year of the Nurse, each newsletter will highlight a psychiatric-mental health nursing leader! Here is what APNA Tennessee Chapter President Stephanie Weatherly, MSN, RN-BC, has to share: "Embrace the moment where you fail – you will learn more from that failure than anything I could tell you. Look for every chance to learn – from webinars to mentors. Education is power! Invest in yourself, become an expert in your area of specialty, root yourself in evidence-based care, and learn to create systems to support your staff in succeeding."

Happy Nurses Month: Wellness Skills with Free Contact Hours
Access a free session on the Community Resiliency Model and strengthen your 'best self' through body-based approaches to reduce the impact of stress and trauma. Use these immediately accessible and enhanced wellness skills to cope with the unique challenges of nursing during a pandemic. Then, share these skills to help others self-regulate daily and during times of stress and dysregulation. View Now

APNA 18th Annual Clinical Psychopharmacology Institute
Time is running out to register for the virtual APNA Clinical Psychopharmacology Institute! Come together online with your psychiatric-mental health nursing community on June 11-14 for cutting edge updates and up to 23+ pharmacology contact hours. Register Now!

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