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January 2021President’s Message
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President’s Message: Practical & Necessary Changes
The power of human connection cannot be overstated. In a year of necessary change, some things have remained the same: our patients, students, colleagues, and communities still need us, and our most important tool remains ourselves. (Read more)


Member News
Diane Esposito discusses PTSD and secondary trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic; Joy Lauerer leads tele-mental health residency team awarded grant from the Duke Endowment; Suzie Marriott highlighted as a nurse innovator during COVID-19 pandemic; Andrew Penn writes blog on the COVID-19 vaccine and recent events; Jeffery Ramirez details the role of the PMH-APRN to the Seattle Times; Sharon Tucker encourages mindfulness and physical activity for mental health; Melanie White receives scholarship from Westerly Hospital. Learn More


Nurses in Action: Sharing Lived Experience to Educate on Substance Use Disorders
As a presenter at last year’s APNA Annual Conference, Kristin Waite-Labott, BSN, RN shared her lived experience to help educate psychiatric-mental health nurses about substance use disorders in healthcare workers. We spoke with Kristin about her work, her advice for her nursing community, and more. Read More


APNA 35th Annual Conference Call for Abstracts
As fellow nurses, your peers trust your perspective and want to hear from you at the APNA Annual Conference: Submit an abstract now! Share your innovation, best practice, or analysis with your community: Learn More & Submit an Abstract


Don’t Forget Your Self-Care
In her 2020 President’s Address, Tari Dilks said, “What you are experiencing is not weakness. It’s something that has to be acknowledged…the stress and trauma we are undergoing now.” To help you practice self-care, you can access Tari’s recorded session free of charge here. You can also browse resources for self-care during the pandemic curated for psychiatric-mental health nurses here.


Help Define the PMH Nursing Workforce
Your voice matters: take a brief questionnaire to share some information about your work as a psychiatric-mental health nurse. As a thanks for your participation, you will receive a $20 credit towards content of your choosing in the APNA eLearning Center.


APNA Transitions in Practice Certificate Program: Newly Updated!
Whether you are searching for a curriculum to onboard new nurses or the latest evidence for psychiatric-mental health nursing care, the APNA Transitions in Practice (ATP) Certificate Program may be what you need! The newly updated ATP delivers enhancements like case studies to promote application to practice and critical thinking. Learn More


Featured Resource: Virtual Teaching Resources and Strategies
The APNA Education Council compiled a series of resources for nurse educators teaching in virtual environments or who are looking to incorporate more video media into their lessons. These resources include example scenarios, trainings, and more to empower educators as they navigate the circumstances of the pandemic. Learn More


Resource Roundup

COVID-19 Resources: SAMHSA’s Crisis Services: Meeting Needs, Saving Lives details crisis intervention services, best practices and related components of crisis services; ANA Enterprise offers general guidance on COVID-19 vaccines; SAMHSA Training and Technical Assistance Related to COVID-19
Grants and Scholarships: The American Psychological Association’s Minority Fellowship Program is seeking applications for fellows and new mentors for the Leadership and Education Advancement Program (LEAP) for Diverse Scholars.


New Members: 708 New Members since November!

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