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Recovery Programs

APNA Recovery to Practice Task Force
APNA is one of five national participants in a SAMHSA initiative to transform the concepts of recovery from a set of beliefs to recovery-oriented nursing practices. As part of this five-year project, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and peer specialists will research current activities in recovery-oriented care and develop strategies on how best to implement recovery components into mental health provider education and practice.

SAMHSA Recovery to Practice Initiative
This initiative seeks to advance a recovery-oriented approach to mental health care by developing, promoting, and disseminating training curricula on how to translate the concept of mental health recovery into practice; and by providing a resource center for mental health professionals engaged in this work.

Free Webinars

Resource Center to Promote Acceptance, Dignity and Social Inclusion Associated with Mental Health – Countering prejudice and discrimination associated with mental illness by gathering information and research, and providing technical assistance and support.

  • Campaign for Behavioral Health Recovery – a national campaign to educate the general public about behavioral health recovery.
  • 10×10 Wellness Campaign – promotes addressing all parts of a person’s life in hopes of increasing life expectancy for persons with mental health problems by 10 years over the next 10 years

The Annapolis Coalition
A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the recruitment, retention, training and performance of the prevention and treatment workforce in the mental health and addictions sectors of the behavioral health field. As part of this effort, The Annapolis Coalition seeks to strengthen the workforce role of persons in recovery and family members in caring for themselves and each other, as well as improving the capacity of all health and human service personnel to respond to the behavioral health needs of the individuals they serve.

Reaching Recovery Initiative – Mental Health Center of Denver
This initiative is a national learning collaborative that is focused on recovery systems transformation. Partners of the collaborative use common data and common ways of measuring recovery outcomes to inform clinical practice. Partners learn from each other what works best to help people recover as measured by research instruments.

The Mental Health Commission Strategic Plan
An overview of the goals of the Mental Health Commission.

National Council on Mental Health Recovery
A coalition to ensure that consumers have a major voice in the development and implementation of their care as well as the tools they need to live a full life.