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Frequently Asked Questions About APNA Membership

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association provides a forum for the exchange of information among psychiatric-mental health nursing colleagues, whose expertise covers all facets of the profession. APNA Membership leads to a personal enrichment that ultimately benefits patients with mental illness or substance use disorders.

Scroll down for some frequently asked questions about APNA and membership. If you do not find what you’re looking for, reach out to us at 855-863-2762 or

“I value my APNA membership as it comprehensively supports my professional development and provides a strong network to continue achieving professional objectives.”

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1. Who should join APNA?

APNA supports and serves the interests of psychiatric-mental health nurses both nationally and internationally. The organization is inclusive of psychiatric-mental health nurses at all levels of practice (RN, APRN) and all settings. There is membership for nursing students who are engaged in full-time study, one for retired (as defined by Merriam-Webster) nurses, and one for psychiatric-mental health nurses on full-time active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces DOD. In addition, APNA offers affiliate membership to other mental health professionals and nurses interested in supporting psychiatric-mental health nurses.

2. Who runs APNA?

APNA is governed by a Board of Directors composed of members nominated and elected by the membership. The Board is supported by the national office staff.

3. I am a full-time student. Do I get a discounted rate for membership?

Yes! Student membership is $25.00 for full-time students in a nursing degree program who provide evidence of full-time status. A communication from the student’s dean, registrar, or program director which verifies full-time status in a nursing degree program must be uploaded when submitting your application. Student members may not hold office, but they may serve on committees, councils, chapters and task forces.

Learn More: Student Application Process

4. I am a former member. How do I reinstate my membership?

Log in to the APNA Member Portal with your account log in information. This account will be associated with the email address APNA had on file with your past membership. Please do not create a new account. Your APNA eLearning Center History (including contact hours certificates) is linked to your former APNA member account – if you create a new account, any history you have from your previous membership will not transfer. If you do not know your log in or cannot log on to your account, please call APNA at 855-863-APNA (2762) or email

Learn More: Renew Membership

5. Once I join APNA, how can I connect with other members who share my interests?

There are many ways to connect with your colleagues as an APNA member! Here are a few suggestions:

  • All-Purpose Discussion Forum on Member Bridge: When you join, you are automatically added to this community and will receive daily emails that summarize conversations. Post a message or reply to one in order to connect with the full membership.
  • Your Local APNA Chapter: You are also automatically made a member of your local chapter when you join APNA. You’ll get access to the chapter’s online community as well as receive emails about upcoming events and meetings that allow you to connect with nurses in your area.
  • APNA Councils: Join one of APNA’s councils to engage with colleagues who share your interest in a specific area of psychiatric-mental health nursing, whether it’s addictions, administration, child & adolescent mental health, mental health advocacy, safe environments, education, practice, recovery, or research.
  • Member Directory: Search the member directory by name, location, areas of expertise, and more, then message one-on-one with members.

6. As a member, how can I participate in APNA?

APNA’s most valuable asset is its members! Member involvement is what shapes and drives this association of professionals. Members have a variety of options for participation, whether it’s taking a few minutes to post a message online or spending a couple of hours each month participating in council work…the opportunities are as varied as they are plentiful!

Learn More: Get Involved

7. What are membership eLearning bonus points?

When you join or renew your membership, you receive 25 bonus points for use in the APNA eLearning Center to access continuing education. Bonus points automatically appear in your APNA eLearning Center account as soon as your membership or renewal is processed!

To use your bonus points, select sessions and place them in your cart. On the checkout page, click the blue View Bonus Points button, check the boxes next to the sessions you would like to pay for with bonus points, then click the green Apply Bonus Points button. Your cart will now display your Bonus Points and remaining balance (if applicable). Click the green Complete Registration button to purchase the sessions.

8. How do I get help with membership questions?

Please contact the APNA Membership Department at You can also call toll-free 855-863-APNA (2762).

9. Has APNA developed standards for psychiatric-mental health nursing practice?

APNA collaborates with ANA and ISPN to develop and publish psychiatric-mental health nursing standards for both RN and advanced practice nurses. An eBook version of the Scope and Standards of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Scope and Standards of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing is available to APNA members as a part of membership. A hard copy can be also purchased through APNA, with discounted pricing for members. Visit the APNA online store for more information or to purchase a copy.

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