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APNA Continuing Education Reviewers

Since its launch in March 2011, APNA has offered hundreds of NCPD contact hour sessions online through the APNA eLearning Center.  The Center serves as a resource for APNA members and non-members in the most current, evidence-based content in psychiatric-mental health nursing. Sessions range from live webinars to podcasts to archives from APNA conferences, and offer contact hours from .25 up to 16. Content is peer reviewed annually by APNA members to ensure that our online education is up-to-date, relevant, and valuable to our members.

Peer Reviewers are asked to:

  • Listen to a  session or read an article
  • Review the handouts
  • Complete the post test, evaluation and a peer reviewing document

As a thank you for their time, energy, and expertise, peer reviewers are rewarded with contact hours for sessions reviewed, plus bonus points to use in the APNA eLearning Center.

If you are interested in participating as a CE Reviewer, please fill out the:

APNA Peer Review interest form

Thank you for contributing your knowledge and efforts to APNA educational programs!

Past CE Reviewers

Elinor Abraham
Diane Allen
Rose Theresa Anderson
Crystal Andrews
Jennifer Anthony
Lola Baker
Sara Banzhaf
Nina Beaman
Hannah Bierson
Patricia Black
Kristen Bomboy
Elizabeth Bonham
John Brewer
Kim Butts
Carol Campbell
Genevieve Chandler
Angela Chesser
Jeanne Clement-Alvarez
Kendra Considine
Lenore Cortez
Rhone D’Errico
Susan Dawson
Maureen Donohue-Smith
Patricia Dotson
Janice Edmonson
Carol Elliott
MaryAnn Foley Mayer
Trina Ford
Robin Foreman
Maryanne Fournier
Phebe Foy
Dana Frank
Laura Galbraith
Angela Gerrard
Dawn Garrett-Wright
Margit Gerardi
Jeanette Green
April Haberyan
Sharon Haight-Carter
Patricia Hall-Stevens
Sarah Harris
Jennifer Harris
Paula Harrison
Brittany Haskell
Kelley Hawkins
Cassandra Herbert
Diane Hickman
Rebecca Hietsch
Frances Hodgkins
Rachael Hovermale
Veronica Hurd
Sharlene Hutchinson
Susan Jacobson
Corrie Jasa-Bruder
Donna Jaynes
Eudora Jones
Tonia Jones
Sherry Kahn
Brayden Kameg
Gretchen Kane
Debora Katz
David Keller
Linda Kimble
Barbara Kimble-Goodman
Wendi Koonce Morse
Rose Kutlenios
Victoria Lanzara
Patricia Latham
Renee Laughlin Rublin
Chin-Nu Lin
Tamar Lucas
Kelly M Rock
Nita Magee
Pamela Marcus
Georgianna Marks
Kerry Melachouris
Jentina Mitchell
Latonia Mitchell
Joshua Moran
Sarah Myer
Lisa Onega
Cindy Parsons
Maryellen Phillips
James Poindexter
Denise Rageis
Kim Rathburn
April Reyes
Rosita Rodriguez
Nancy Rogers
Jacquelyn Rosen
Linda Rossow
Cynthia Rost
Joyce Sasse
Rachelle Schneiter
Teresa Smith
Briana Snyder
Pamela Stover
Karen Taylor
Gina Tenge
Anne Thatcher
Doreen Thomas-Payne
Kennedy Thoren
Melissa Timmons
Candace Trippe
Barbara Valerius
Judith Van Cleef
Jared Vega
Angela Vitola-Langtry
Helene Vossos
Matthew Walker
Kimberly Walker-Daniels
Melanie Walters
Jessie Ware-Sefa
Barbara Warren
Stephanie Westerfield
Jeana Wilcox
Jennifer Womeldorf-Dunn
Cynthia Zolnierek







The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.