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APNA Research Grants Application Checklist

Preliminary Review Submission Checklist

APNA Research Council members will review and offer feedback on the Grant Proposal portion of your application. Use the below list to ensure that your grant proposal is complete and ready for preliminary review. This document should be emailed to Your final application submission (see Full Application Submission Checklist below) will be submitted via the APNA Submission Site by the deadline.

Your proposal (see formatting guidelines) should be submitted as a Word document.

Research Proposal Checklist (full evaluation criteria):

  • Introduction / Problem Statement
  • Review of Literature
  • Purpose
  • Theoretical Conceptual Framework / Frame of Reference
  • Design / Method
  • Sample
  • Sample Size and Configuration
  • Data Collection / Generation Techniques & Sources
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Validity
  • Institutional Review Board Approval Documentation
  • References

EBP Change / QI Project Checklist (full evaluation criteria):

  • Introduction/Problem Statement
  • Review of Literature
  • Purpose
  • Theoretical-Conceptual Framework / Frame of Reference
  • Design / Method
  • Change Targets, Practice Site Characteristics & Configuration
  • Data Collection / Generation Techniques and Sources
  • Data Management, Analysis, and Conclusions
  • Scalability and Sustainability
  • Validity
  • Institutional Review Board Approval Documentation
  • Plan for Dissemination
  • References

Full Application Submission Checklist

The following items are all included on the online submission site. Each must be completed in order for your application to be considered.

  • Review and Confirmation of Proposal Guidelines
  • Applicant Contact Information
  • Applicant Background: Education (past and current), Employment (past and current)
  • Proposal Information: Proposal Title (50 word limit), Co-Investigators (If applicable)
  • Grant Details: Explanation of how grant meets APNA Research Grant criteria
  • Chair Validation Approval (If applicable)
  • If possible, include letter of approval from facility and/or employer if serving as the data collection site.
  • Budget Justification
  • Proposal File Uploads: (see below for formatting guidelines)
    • Proposal
    • Curriculum Vitae or Biosketch
    • Budget
    • IRB Approval
  • Application Confirmation with Electronic Signature


Proposal Formatting Guidelines

  • PDF or Word doc file
  • 8.5 x 11 plain white paper with 1″ margins
  • Font no smaller than 12 pt
  • Project description can be no longer than 10 double-spaced, single-sided pages
  • 10 additional pages allowed for appendices
  • Appendices should include institutional review board approval documentation and references
  • References should be double spaced and in APA format
  • All sections (including project description, appendices, charts, references/footnotes, tables, maps, and exhibits) must be sequentially numbered, beginning on the first page after the table of contents.
  • Anything over 10 pages in the project description and anything over 10 pages in the appendices will be removed and not considered by reviewers.
  • In order to maintain impartially during the blind review, please do not include identifiable information (name, location, facility, etc..) in the proposal section.