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JAPNA Reviewer Resources & Information

Thank you for your interest in reviewing for the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. The below manual and webinar explain JAPNA’s peer review process, provide instructions for performing a review for JAPNA and resources for improving your peer review, and describe publication ethics for reviewers. Below you will also find instructions for how to contact the JAPNA Editor to signal your willingness to serve as a reviewer.

“The basic requirement for a peer reviewer is knowledge of the field of focus of the submitted article . . . [and] the ability to read a manuscript and ascertain if it makes sense, uses sound research methodology, and gives reasonable conclusions is essential.”

(Pearson, G., JAPNA editorial, September/October 2016)

Reviewer Manual

Download Manual (PDF)

Table of Contents
Welcome to the Review Panel  |  Page 2
Creating an Account in Sage Track  |   Page 3
Reviewer Invitation  |  Page 4
Getting System Support  |  Pages 5-7
Preparing Your Review Comments  |  Page 8
Reviewer Score Sheet  |  Page 9
Resources for Improving Your Peer Review  |  Page 10
Example of the Invitation to Review  |  Pages 11-12
Example of Reviewer’s Instruction Email  |  Pages 13-14