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Email Request Instructions

  • The Chapter must send the message text/document (including a contact name and phone number)
  • APNA requests a window of 2 – 3 days for the email to be sent out, but if workload allows, it will be sent out as soon as possible.
  • APNA will format the message and proof before sending out.
  • If an attachment is included it is uploaded to the APNA website after being proofed for formatting and correctness. If appropriate, if an email is provided for the purpose of promoting a Chapter event, the entry may be posted on the Chapter pages for the event.
  • Messages going to all the members in a chapter need to come from the Chapter President.
  • Non-member contacts can be included in the distribution list if requested.
  • If you wish to send to areas outside the chapter you must first obtain approval from that area’s Chapter President before sending information to their members.
    • Sending an email to a region within in the chapter:
      Records for the applicable region must be coded in our database for an email to be sent to that group of people. If the representative reviews a roster and indicates the areas in their region we can code the records.
    • A regional representative may request an email to be sent. However, requests should be submitted as directed above to with a carbon copy (cc) sent to the Chapter President.
    • A message is assumed to be approved unless we are notified otherwise by the Chapter President within 24 hours.
    • Requests will only be sent to the members in that region. Emails signed by a regional representative cannot be sent to the entire chapter.