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Issue Statements

Issue statements address issues of importance to APNA and its members. They most often include summary information, examples, references, resources, and evidence. Their purpose is to convey a particular message or raise awareness for the public and/or stakeholders. These statements are typically developed and approved outside of the APNA position paper approval process.

Addressing Workplace Violence in Today’s Environment

October 2023
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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses Are Key to Addressing the Nation’s Mental Health Crisis

December 2022
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APNA 2022 Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Workforce Report

August 2022
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Guidance Regarding Precepting and Mentorship

April 2022


APRNs Changing a Population or Role

Joint statement of the APRN LACE Network
November 2021


APNA Statement: Commitment to Change

Addressing racial inequities/racism
June 2020; Reviewed February 2023; Reviewed February 2024


Joint Statement of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association and the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board Regarding Pediatric Primary Care Mental Health Specialist (PMHS®) Certification

July 2017, Reviewed February 2022; Reviewed February 2023; Reviewed February 2024

Previous Reports

Expanding Mental Health Care Services in America: The Pivotal Role of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses

Addressing psychiatric-mental health nursing workforce shortage
April 2019, Reviewed February 2022. Archived February 2023

The Impact of COVID-19 Extreme Stress and Trauma on American Health Care Providers

June 2020, Archived February 2023