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2024 APNA Elections: Call for Nominations

Are you…

Nominate yourself for a position on the APNA Board of Directors or Nominating Committee to hone your leadership skills, make lasting contributions to psychiatric-mental health nursing, and form rewarding relationships with colleagues!

Key 2024 Dates

  • Wednesday, 5/29: Election Polls Open
  • Wednesday, 7/31: Election Polls Close
  • August: Election Results Announced
  • October: Term of Office Begins

Open Positions

What is the Nominating Committee looking for?

When considering candidates, the Nominating Committee is guided by the following section from the APNA Bylaws:

Section 2. Qualifications

All Directors and Officers, except the Executive Director, must be voting members in good standing for at least one year immediately prior to assuming office. Nominees for the officer and director positions who have actively served the APNA shall be considered to have preferred qualifications. All nominees shall be required to file a conflict of interest statement. Insofar as possible, the Nominating Committee will endeavor to have a balanced slate of candidates reflecting geography, gender, professional experience, and racial diversity in order to achieve a balanced Board of Directors reflective of the membership.

What would my duties be?


The APNA Board of Directors are responsible for the governance of the organization through upholding APNA’s mission and purpose. The Board guides the association through the development, review, and application of APNA’s strategic direction, core values, and goals.

  • Stay abreast of current developments in psychiatric-mental health nursing, nursing, and mental health
  • Review materials and participate in discussions with fellow board members online through Member Bridge
  • Participate in monthly meetings
  • Attend three “face-to-face” board meetings each year (February, June, October)


The 2025 APNA Nominating Committee is charged with reviewing the nominations and selecting the slate of candidates for the 2025 election year.

  • Review nominations online throughout March/April 2025
  • Participate in approximately three meetings to finalize the election slate

Can I run for office? Will I be able to vote in these elections?

The APNA bylaws have answers for you:

Vote Hold Office
Regular X X
Student* X
Retired X X
*Student members may not run for a position on the APNA Board of Directors but may serve on committees such as the Nominating Committee.


Section 1. Classes and Eligibility
The association shall have the following categories of membership:

  • “Regular” members shall be those individuals who are registered nurses, pay dues, and are engaged in pursuits which further the purposes of the Association. Regular members may vote, serve on committees and seek election to the Board of Directors.
  • “Student” members who are engaged in full-time study in a nursing degree program and show evidence of student status shall pay dues at a reduced rate. These members may not seek election to the Board but may serve on committees/task forces. “Student” members who are registered nurses may vote.
  • “Retired registered nurse” members shall pay dues at a reduced rate. These members may vote, seek election to the Board or serve on committees/task forces.
  • “International” members shall be those individuals who are not citizens of the United States and are licensed or registered to practice nursing in any country, nation or republic other than the United States. They shall be given all privileges of “regular” members. International members shall pay dues according to the rate established for this category.
  • “Affiliate” members shall be those members who are not “regular” members, “student” members, “retired registered nurse” members, or “international” members. Affiliate members shall include, but not be limited to, all other mental health or health professionals who are not registered nurses. Affiliate members shall pay the same dues as “regular” members and receive the same benefits, but may not vote or hold office.
  • “Honorary” members shall be individuals who have received unanimous approval by the Board of Directors in recognition for their outstanding contributions to psychiatric-mental health nursing. They shall have the right to attend membership meetings. They shall not be entitled to vote, hold office, or serve on committees. They shall be exempt from paying dues.