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Welcome to your Chapter Toolkit!

Thank your for your leadership within your APNA Chapter! As an APNA leader, you have volunteered your time to help move the profession forward, cultivate community at the local level, and ensure that everyone in the organization has an opportunity to participate.

Here are a variety of resources to support your efforts as an APNA Chapter leader. Please reach out to with any questions!

Orientation for Chapter Leaders

Watch this forty-five minute orientation session to get a full overview of the roles chapter leaders play in furthering the strategic direction of the organization. Then, explore the sections below for more specific tools and tips to help you in your work. Tip: If the video window won’t work for you, try this link:

Preferred Industry Sponsors

These lists offer local and regional contacts from organizations participating in the APNA Industry Partner Program.

These are legitimate contacts who may be interested in working with your chapter as exhibitors or sponsors of your meetings or conferences. If you are interested in this type of opportunity, please contact the representatives on the list who are closest to your chapter event’s location for more information.

Neurocrine Biosciences

Download List (PDF)
A neuroscience-focused, biopharmaceutical company.

Note: These lists are provided as one way to contact potential sponsors for your chapter events. It is not intended to limit your event sponsors.