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APNA Chapter Meetings

Yearly Meetings
Chapter meeting space is usually provided the APNA Annual Conference if the conference is held as an in-person event.

Ideas for Agenda Topics: Most Recent APNA News

Membership Information for Chapter Meetings
We’ve created a PDF that includes membership applications, meeting announcements, and member benefit information.

Chapter Meetings on a Budget
These ideas are suggestions for chapters who need to establish a presence in their state and get members more engaged in getting together.

  • Hold a virtual meeting using Zoom provided by APNA.  Send the invitation text to and the invitation for members to participate will be sent.
  • Open up the board meeting calls to the whole chapter.  Send the text to can send the e-mail invitation to members.
  • Recruit a sponsor for an event (e.g. provide conference space, food, computer, projector, etc.).  Considerations would be:
    • The program should be for scientific and educational purposes only and will not promote products, directly or indirectly.
    • The program should comply with federal and state laws that regulate business practices between health care manufacturers and customers
  • Preferred Industry Sponsors: These lists offer local and regional contacts from organizations participating in the APNA Industry Partner Program. These are legitimate contacts who may be interested in working with your chapter as exhibitors or sponsors of your meetings or conferences. If you are interested in this type of opportunity, please contact the representatives on the list who are closest to your chapter event’s location for more information.  This list is provided as one way to contact potential sponsors for your chapter events. It is not intended to limit your event sponsors.  View the list of partners.
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner discussions on common issues and concerns. May be occasional, monthly or bi-weekly. (Hint: arrange in advance for a discussion leader).
  • Networking get together – have a very informal gathering for coffee or a meal.
  • Ask members if somebody has a workplace that could provide meeting space.
  • Review your membership roster to see if there’s someone that could present on a topic of interest to the members.  This person may well be able to donate their time for a meeting.