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Chapter Rules and Regulations

I.        Chapter Definition

A group of APNA members within a state organized to carry out activities on behalf of the members within that state.  These activities will be in accordance with the Chapter Affiliation Agreement entered into between APNA and the Chapter (the Agreement”), these Rules and Regulations, the APNA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and any additional rules, policies or regulations adopted by the APNA Board of Directors.  These Rules and Regulations are developed to be consistent with APNA Bylaws and APNA’s purpose and mission as stated in the APNA Bylaws.

II.        Criteria for Formation of a State Chapter

A group of APNA members with a shared interest related to the mission of APNA and who complete the Chapter Organization or Revitalization process.

III.       Chapter Structure and Roles

1.   The structure and functions of the Chapter shall be consistent with the APNA Articles of Incorporation, the APNA Bylaws, Governance Policies, and these Rules and Regulations.

2.   Chapters shall meet these APNA Chapter criteria and follow regulations and procedures as determined by the APNA Board of Directors.

3.   Chapters report directly to the Board of Directors through the APNA President.

4.   Chapter’s efforts will be pertinent to their state in relation to psychiatric-mental health nursing.

5.   Chapters may undertake programs that are consistent with the APNA mission & purpose for purposes of education, networking of members, or providing current information for chapter members.

a. Policy statements or position statements require approval by the APNA Board of Directors

6.   Chapters will recommend affiliation with other groups outside of APNA that the Chapter feels will facilitate achievement of APNA goals. These affiliations must be approved in advance by the APNA Board of Directors.

IV.       Procedures for Maintaining Chapters

1.   Leadership: Chapters will select leadership by a process determined by each Chapter. Selected leader names will be submitted to the APNA Board of Directors for endorsement and approval.

2.   Terms: Chapter leaders may serve three-year terms, and may serve two consecutive terms if selected by the members.

3.   Infrastructure: APNA will provide services to enable the chapter to function. These services will be coordinated through APNA staff.

4.   Meetings:

a.   Each Chapter shall hold a meeting during the APNA Annual Conference each year.  The meeting shall be open to all APNA members who reside in the Chapter’s state.

b.   Each Chapter shall determine its own rules or procedures for making decisions necessary to carry out Chapter business, provided, however, that all such rules and procedures must be consistent with these Rules and Regulations, the Agreement, the APNA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and any additional rules, policies or regulations adopted by the APNA Board of Directors.

c.   All Chapter meetings, whether in person, by telephone conference call, or by electronic methods such as APNA web pages/bulletin boards/email, etc., shall be scheduled in advance. If practical, an agenda shall be circulated to attendees in advance, be open if in person and, written minutes will be prepared and circulated to attendees and to the APNA Board of Directors.

5.   Communications: Each Chapter shall conduct its activities throughout the year utilizing a variety of communications channels as appropriate. Chapter leadership will select a designated contact person who will coordinate with APNA staff on these efforts.

  • All Chapter documents, including but not limited to position or policy statements shall not be released to the chapter membership without prior review and approval from the APNA Board of Directors. The Executive Director is authorized to review and approve all chapter emails that fall within APNA policy on behalf of the board. Any emails that fall outside of APNA standard policies will be brought to the Board for review.

6.   Finances: Chapter leadership will designate an individual who will have responsibility of the financial affairs of the Chapter and will work with APNA staff in exercising stewardship of the funds. APNA will maintain a separate account for each chapter and will send reports to the Chapter leadership on revenues and expenses. APNA will not disperse any chapter funds without a written authorization from the Chapter. The Chapter may delegate the authority to one or more members of the Chapter to act on its behalf.

7.   Annual Report: Each Chapter shall submit an Annual Report to the APNA Board of Directors. The Annual Report shall include:

a.   A summary of yearly activity respective of each APNA strategic planning goal including specific outcomes.

b.   A financial statement of revenues and expenses.

c.   Any additional information requested by the APNA Board of Directors.


Updated September 2016