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APNA Memorial Scholarship

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Isaac Newton

Introducing a scholarship program made possible by generous donations in honor of APNA members who made a lasting impact on psychiatric-mental health nurses and those they serve.

This year, two scholarships were awarded to APNA PMH-RNs and include:

  • Registration for the APNA Annual Conference in Long Beach, California on October 19-22
  • Travel and lodging expenses to attend the conference

This year’s scholarship recipients were selected by the APNA Awards & Recognition Committee based on the following criteria*:

  • Licensed as a psychiatric-mental health registered nurse
  • An APNA member at least for two years in total
  • Show evidence of your participation in the improvement of organizational performance to positively impact patient care in work and organizational settings (local, state and/or national levels).
    • Examples: work groups, surveys, protocols, implementation plans, etc.
  • Show evidence of continuously improving your skills and knowledge base through a variety of self-enhancement activities
    • Examples: volunteering, pursuing continuing education, serving as a mentor or mentee, etc.

*Scholarship criteria will vary from year to year.

Meet the 2022 APNA Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Recipients of this year’s scholarship, funded in memory of Marlene Nadler-Moodie, MSN, APRN, PMHCNS-BC, receive complimentary registration, travel, and lodging to the APNA 36th Annual Conference, October 19-22, in Long Beach, CA.


Christina Dynamite, BSN, RN-BC, NC-BC

“One of my superpowers is owning my weirdness, and it allows me to  share out-of-the-box solutions with clients and validate their authenticity.”


Heidi McNeeley, BA, RN, BSN

“I hope to help those who feel stigmatized by the ‘shame’ of addiction find their voice, their value, and the proper treatment to allow them to recover and live a full and satisfying life.”

Honoring Their Legacies

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Through the APNA Memorial Scholarship, we honor the legacies of nurses whose dedication to psychiatric-mental health nursing and persons with mental health needs made a lasting impact.

By funding scholarships to the APNA Annual Conference in their honor, the psychiatric-mental health nursing community – and those whose lives have been impacted by PMH nurses – invite today’s nurses to forge their own legacies through lifelong learning and advancement of the profession.

Scholarships for the 2022 APNA Annual Conference are funded thanks to generous donations made in memory of:

Donate to the APNA Memorial Fund

In Memoriam

Your generous donations to the APNA Memorial Fund will be used to fund scholarships for APNA members to attend the APNA Annual Conference each year. Those you are remembering with your donation will be honored on the APNA website and in communications about the scholarship.

To start your donation, fill out the form below and then click proceed to payment.