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Chapter Board Position Descriptions

These descriptions are meant to be guidelines and may differ from chapter to chapter.

Duties of the President

  1. Work with chapter officers to develop strategic goals to meet the chapter mission and purpose as it is defined in the APNA bylaws: “Chapters shall fulfill the mission and purposes of the APNA at the local level.”
  2. Set up dates for board and general meetings.
  3. Sends written communication to new members.
  4. Establish and transmit meeting agendas.
  5. Attend chapter meetings.
  6. Preside at board and general meetings.
  7. Forward minutes from each meeting to APNA headquarters via
  8. As the representative of the membership, be mindful of chapter finances and investments.
  9. Coordinate the officers elected by the chapter and work with your officers to appoint additional committee chairpersons.
  10. Work with appropriate chairs to ensure timely notification of meetings.
  11. Keep the chapter board apprised of information received from APNA headquarters. Reply to APNA on all requests for information from the Chapters. Represent the interest of the chapter to APNA headquarters, operating through the staff and Executive Director.
  12. Participate in APNA headquarters conference calls for Chapter Presidents held in January, May, and September.  Participate in surveys, questionnaires, etc. sent by APNA headquarters while putting forth the needs of the chapter as perceived through meetings of the chapter Board of Directors.
  13. Work to ensure that qualified members are called on for future leadership positions.
  14. Be responsible for the timely election of the future board (coordinated by the Immediate Past President)
  15. Submits Annual Report to APNA Headquarters in January of each year.
  16. Continually look for potential candidates to fulfill the position should a vacancy occur.


Duties of President-Elect

  1. The President-Elect should be able to run meetings in the absence of the president.
  2. Fulfills the duties of the President in event of absence or disability of Chapter President.
  3. Work as a partner with the president to ensure that chapter goals are met.
  4. Fulfills functions assigned by the Chapter President.
  5. Attend board meetings.
  6. May serve as program chair or other chairs as determined by the president or the chapter.  This may include developing an Education Committee that will develop programs for membership meetings and the chapter conference.
  7. Continually look for potential candidates to fulfill the position should a vacancy occur.


Duties of the Secretary

  1. Collect all files and documents from the preceding secretary prior to assuming office.
  2. Record the minutes of all board and general meetings.
  3. Send minutes to president and board members for review within 14 days of any chapter board of directors or general meeting.
  4. Review, amend and approve minutes to be sent to APNA headquarters by the chapter president.
  5. Publish and send out notices of chapter, board of director and committee meetings.
  6. Also, if your chapter revises its Governance Policies, send a copy to APNA headquarters for the permanent file.
  7. Maintain the chapter Governance Policies, minutes and other official documents.
  8. Record meeting attendance and information on chapter activities.
  9. Review APNA headquarters’ rosters and advise Chapter Support of any changes.
  10. Keep the historical records of the chapter and pass them on in a timely and efficient manner.
  11. Continually look for potential candidates to fulfill the position should a vacancy occur.

Duties of the Treasurer

  1. Keep note of any receipts and disbursements of all monies received by the chapter. Compare this to the monthly financial reports sent every month by APNA Headquarters.
  2. Attends board meetings representing and guarding the financial interests of the chapter.
  3. Prepare and submit the Annual Chapter Financial Report (part of the Chapter Annual Report).
  4. It is recommended that all bank accounts require dual signatures for all transactions. Updates the Chapter Information Form with new signers to reflect the new Chapter Treasurer and Chapter President.
  5. Disbursement of funds should not be made without approval of the chapter president or board. Submit disbursement requests (signed by two authorized individuals) to APNA via
  6. The Treasurer is responsible for furnishing a financial report to the chapter at each meeting.
  7. Retain chapter financial records such as financial statements, Treasurer’s reports and chapter Governance Policies.
  8. Delivery of all accounting records in appropriate, balanced order to the incoming Treasurer.
  9. Continually look for potential candidates to fulfill the position should a vacancy occur.


Duties of the Immediate Past President

  1. Continue to serve on the Chapter Board of Directors to lend continuity and experience to the Officers and Chapters.
  2. Serves as a source of encouragement to the officers.
  3. Serves on the Nominating Committee and coordinates election process.

Duties of Member-at-Large

  1. Lead the profession and specialty practice of psychiatric mental health nursing
  2. Ensure effective and accountable governance.
  3. Serve as financial stewards.
  4. Provide responsible oversight of the chapter.
  5. Demonstrate personal leadership.
  6. Represent the association as required.
  7. Exercise sound business judgment.
  8. Demonstrate competent and accountable leadership and ensuring leadership continuity.
  9. Mentor and prepare prospective leaders.
Revised 12.6.18.