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Presenter Guidelines

Presenters: Please read the following Presenter Guidelines.

Presentation of Content

  • Present current, clinically relevant, and evidence-based information to meet your stated educational outcome.
  • Provide a balanced view of the topic area, be objective when reporting research, and disclose unlabeled use or potential of unlabeled use of drugs/products where applicable.
  • Use person-centered, recovery-based language. See General Principles for Reducing Bias for more information.
  • Discuss the safety and adverse effects of any drugs/products presented.
  • Inform APNA if you anticipate new applications or changes to the FDA status of a presented product that may impact the planned content.
  • Include case studies where applicable.
  • Support assertions and clinical studies, theories, models, etc. with current evidence-based references. Presenters are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of references.
  • Obtain permission to reproduce any copyrighted materials. This includes any materials outside of the public domain: graphs, charts, logos (including hospital and university logos), photos, screenshots, cartoons, audio, movie clips, etc. Provide copies of correspondence granting permission. Images not supported with permissions will be removed from slides.
    For more detailed information about different materials, when you can use them, what needs to be provided to APNA, and what needs to be listed in slides / on posters, see our Copyright Summary Chart below.

(Poster Presenters, skip to the next section.)

For oral/podium presentations only:
  • Use ONLY the slide presentation reviewed and approved by APNA.
  • Develop content to fill the entire presentation timeslot.
  • Write the prescribed number (based on the session type list below) of multiple-choice questions with four answer choices each, based on the session outcome and the content provided. Include correct answers with supporting rationale, and link each question to an important take-away from your session.
    • Pre-conference sessions require 6 post-test questions, answers, & rationale.
    • Concurrent sessions require 3 post-test questions, answers, & rationale.
    • Mini concurrent sessions require 1 post-test question, answer, & rationale.

Powerpoint Guidelines:

  • State your disclosures (including any discussions of off-label uses of medications) on slides 1 or 2 of the PowerPoint (If you have none, write “The speaker has no conflicts of interest to disclose. Discussions of off-label use of medication will not take place in this presentation.”).
  • Include a slide stating your learning outcome. For help with writing effective educational learning outcomes, see Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs.
  • Include current references and citations for all images (including clip art) and evidence-based content.
  • Slide limits (not including title, disclosure, outcome, and reference slides):
    • 45-minute Concurrent Sessions: 20 slides of content
    • 20-minute Mini Concurrent Sessions: 10 slides of content
    • Pre-Conference Sessions: Approximately 1 slide for every 2 minutes of content

Copyright Summary

Item When you can use it What needs to be provided to APNA What needs to be listed in slides/on poster
Logos When permission is granted from your university or hospital Written permission from university or hospital (can be an email). Permission/citation does not need to be listed.
Pictures / Graphics/
Copyright permission obtained for distribution. Copies of correspondence granting permission for use (can be an email), or image(s) will be removed from handouts. Citation for the copyright holder.
Video Clips Only with the permission of the author/ owner.  Copies of correspondence granting permission from author/owner for use (can be an email). Citation for the copyright holder.
Quotes / Excerpts 250-word limit. n/a Citation with the quote and the source reference on the reference list.

Note about permissions for all logos, pictures, graphics, quotes, excerpts, etc.:

Permission must be obtained for live presentations and for posting online after the conference. If partial permission is obtained, it must be indicated for which format permission has been provided. Permissions must be submitted by the Program Materials Deadline of July 24, 2023 (podium presentations) or July 31, 2023 (poster presentations).

  • Images not supported with permissions will be removed from slides or posters.

Resources for copyright and citation information:

(Poster Presenters, skip to information for poster presentations.)

Tips for Slides and Presenting

Tips for PowerPoint
  • Use a reasonable size font (size 20-24) and don’t cram too much information on each slide.
  • Avoid Death by Powerpoint – Do not read directly from your slides! The PowerPoint should be a bulleted guide, not complete sentences.
  • Follow the 6×6 or 7×7 rule (lines per slide and words per line)
  • Charts/tables/graphs in your slides should be readable for the audience – or, consider putting it on a separate handout for attendees to download & print before the session.
  • Use citations and provide any copyright permissions (see Disclosure / Presentation of Content Guidelines above)
  • Cite all images!
  • Use spell check & grammar check – be professional
  • Be mindful of plagiarism
  • See these 2 resources for Powerpoint Font, Style, and Presentation Tips: |

Information for Poster Presenters

  • Poster Templates in Powerpoint:
    • This site has templates available for free
    • Remember to cite the above website if you use a template!
  • Guides for Poster Creation:
    • NYU How to Create a Research Poster
    • See copyright summary above. All logos, images, and photographs must have permission for use or will be removed from the poster.
    • Include learning outcome and disclosure statements on the poster (See Disclosure/ Presentation of Content)
    • Include a minimum of 3 current evidence-based references

Important Dates and Deadlines for Presenters

March 7, 2023
Submissions Deadline for Pre-conference Sessions, Concurrent Sessions, Mini Concurrent Sessions, Poster Presentations.

April 12, 2023
Notification emails are sent to all submitters.

April 18, 2023
Presentation Confirmation Response Deadline for all accepted abstract proposals (Pre-conference Sessions, Concurrent Sessions, Mini Concurrent Sessions, Poster Presentations). Confirmation response will include completing the online Presenter Agreement (link in the notification email).

May 2023
Podium Presenters will receive an email with their session’s placement in the conference schedule.

May 23, 2023
Podium Presenter Information Call – 1pm Eastern / 12pm Central / 11am Mountain / 10am Pacific

May 24, 2023
Poster Presenter Information Call – 1pm Eastern / 12pm Central / 11am Mountain / 10am Pacific

June 2023
Presenters will receive instructions for the submission of program materials. Program materials include post-test questions, answers, the rationale for correct answers; educational design form; references; keywords/search terms; permissions for any logos, charts, diagrams, images, etc. within presentation materials; handouts, PowerPoint presentation (in ppt format). Poster program materials include pdf or poster; permissions for any logos; charts; diagrams; images used on the poster.

June 2023
Conference Registration Opens
Primary presenters of conference presentations (both podium and poster) will receive an email with a discount code.

July 24, 2023
Program Materials Deadline for podium presentations. (This is required in order to present for all pre-conference sessions, concurrent sessions, and mini concurrent sessions. Program materials are submitted via the abstracts submission site (including permissions for logos/images).

July 31, 2023
Poster Program Materials Deadline
Poster presenters must upload a pdf of their poster by this date in order to be reviewed for NCPD credit and included in the poster judging process. Submit permissions for all images used on the poster.

August 21, 2023
Early Bird Registration Deadline – Presenters Registration Deadline
All presenters (primary presenters and co-presenters) for all presentations must be registered by this date. This includes both podium and poster presenters: pre-conference sessions, concurrent sessions, mini concurrent sessions, and poster presentations.

October 4-7, 2023
Travel to Lake Buena Vista, FL, and present at the in-person Annual Conference!

All presentations will take place in person in Lake Buena Vista, FL. Confirmation of Presentation Required by April 18th

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