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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Resources

A collection of resources curated for psychiatric-mental health nurses: From toolkits to graduate school listings, the APNA Resource Center is your first access point for information on topics across the spectrum of psychiatric-mental health nursing.

Scroll down to browse through the resources, filter the resource library down to a specific topic by selecting one of the topics, or simply use the search bar to search by keyword.

Traumatic Events

FEMA: Natural Disasters

Resources for before, during, and after the various types of natural disasters.
Traumatic Events

Managing Traumatic Stress: After a Tornado

Article from the American Psychological Association for persons affected directly or indirectly by tornadoes.
Traumatic Events

SAMHSA Disaster App

This app offers behavioral health responders immediate access to information for all phases of disaster response.
Traumatic Events

Post-Deployment Stress Self-Assessment

Tool that can help workers evaluate how they are coping during the days, weeks or months following disaster assignment. (pdf) Post_Deployment_Support_Questions
Traumatic Events

Becoming a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Volunteer

Information for those interested in becoming disaster mental health volunteers for the Red Cross.
Traumatic Events

How Parents can Help Children/Teens to Cope With Loss and Grief

The effect of age on children who are grieving and how to help them deal with their grief. How_Parents_Can_Help_Children-Teens_Cope_w_Loss-Grief
Traumatic Events

How Can I Help my Child Deal with Loss and Grief?

A listing of various activities to assist a child in adjusting to loss. How_Can_I_Help_My_Child_Deal_wLoss_Grief
Traumatic Events

Information for Parents on How to Help Your Child/Teen Cope with Stressful Events or Uncertainty

Signs of anxiety/stress and developmentally appropriate explanations. KYSS_Guide_Cope_with_Stress
Traumatic Events

APNA eLearning Center

The following presentations are from past APNA Conferences in webinar and podcast form. APNA members can use their bonus points to access this continuing nursing education content at little to
Traumatic Events

After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools

Assistance for schools in implementing a coordinated response to the suicide death of a student.
Traumatic Events

Managing Strong Emotional Reactions to Traumatic Events: Tips for Parents and Teachers

Tips on how to help children deal with their anger and warning signs of emotional trauma.
Traumatic Events

Death: Dealing with Crisis at School Practical Suggestions for Educators

Information for preparing in advance for a possible crisis, notifying parents, and suggested roles for various school personnel.