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Did you know that APNA is the largest psychiatric-mental health nursing membership organization, with more than 40 chapters nationally and internationally? The Association represents more than 10,000 psychiatric-mental health nurses who are at all levels of education from basic to doctoral, and work in a wide variety of settings including inpatient, outpatient, research, education, administration, clinical, private practice, military, and forensic. APNA also has membership for full-time students and retired registered nurses. APNA is an independent organization. Membership in APNA is not the same as membership in the American Nurses Association (ANA).


The single most important benefit of membership in any association is the ability to participate in your profession’s development. APNA provides a forum for the exchange of information among your psychiatric mental health nursing colleagues, whose varied expertise covers all facets of the profession. Membership leads to a personal enrichment that ultimately provides a benefit to patients with mental illness or substance use disorders.

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What APNA Members are saying:
"As a new member and first time conference attendee, I am thankful my school encouraged me to apply for student membership. I would encourage participation at all levels of education. The community and support offered to me straight out of school has been a great "security blanket" as a new PMHNP. I know there are nurses with a deep knowledge base in a wide variety of employment settings willing to answer my questions. I was also thrilled when the APNA eLearning mailer arrived. Although I haven't participated yet, I am looking forward to it. Since many of my classes at school were in an elearning format, this will be an easy transition and another avenue for review and continued learning."

"I really value my membership in APNA. It is the only organization that really 'gets' what I do. (I am an APN psychotherapist and also teach mental health nursing.)"

"Nurses have so much to do to educate society and prevent the stigma that has existed for centuries. We have felt comfortable working in our individual work situations, but we need to become better at networking on a regional and national basis. One of the greatest ways to do that is through our yearly conferences. It's important for us each to promote membership to our peers in our work place and promote further education and research. We are passionate about our role as psychiatric nurses ,and advocating for the patient will be our greatest accomplishment. Often they have no voice...we are their voice."

"How deeply I value and appreciate this fine organization! It is the best professional organization I have enjoyed in over 30 years as a nurse. Thank you!"

"I think we just get better each day, each year and the sky's the limit. Keep up the great work - leading us into a very bright future - making a difference every day in the lives of psychiatric nurses and those for whom they care."

"I very much value Member Bridge. It has been a great resource for asking questions & seeing responses from others. It has been helpful in my past & current practice roles."

"I am new to this area and I am impressed with the resources, information and help that this organization provides. Keep up the good work."

"I am very excited for this year's APNA theme: 'Fighting Stigma' and I believe that APNA can fight these myths that the public and health care professionals alike are sharing amongst themselves. I am proud to have been offered a job in psychiatric nursing and I knew after my psychiatric nursing clinical that this was what I wanted to do. I commend APNA for its advancement of psychiatric nursing practice and for raising awareness of the significance of psychiatric nursing."

"I love what I get from APNA, the website, the collaboration, the updated information, it's an awesome organization and hopefully in the future I'll be able to balance my life differently and get more involved. But for now....just know that I'm thrilled to be a member and I look forward to the day I can be more involved!"

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The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.