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Bulk Purchase Opportunities

Attention Educators: APNA is pleased to offer bulk purchase pricing for the APNA Transitions in Practice Certificate Course when organizations purchase 10 or more seats.


The ATP Certificate Program is priced at $200 for members and $250 for non members per individual course. APNA will offer you a discount off the list price for purchase of multiple courses. The discount increases as the number of courses purchased increases to a maximum discount of 44% off the list price.

Purchased in Blocks of:  Price Discount Off List Price: Per seat: 
10 $1,900 24.0% $190
20 $3,705 25.9% $185.25
30 $5,415 27.8% $180.50
40 $7,030 29.7% $175.75
50 $8,550 31.6% $171
60 $9,975 33.5% $166.25
70 $11,305 35.4% $161.50
80 $12,540 37.3% $156.75
90 $13,680 39.2% $152
100 $14,725 41.1% $147.25
100+ 44.0% $140.00

More on the Program

The APNA Transitions in Practice (ATP) Certificate is a relatively short, non-degree granting program that will provide 16 contact hours of nursing continuing professional development to assist RNs in acquiring evidence-based knowledge and skills that are foundational to providing psychiatric mental health nursing care. For an opportunity to preview the program please contact

The ATP Certificate Program will:
  • Provide educational support for nurses as they transition from the classroom to clinical practice or from another specialty into PMH nursing.
  • Provide foundational evidence-based psychiatric-mental health education to all RNs.
  • Promote communication to meet The Joint Commission safety standards.
  • Provide RNs with a resource for safe evidence-based, best practices, psychiatric-mental health continuing education.
  • Provide RNs with PMH content to meet the continuing education requirement for ANCC certification.
  • Highlight the importance of the mental health care provided by RNs in a way that is highly visible to institutions, consumers, other nursing / healthcare professionals, and the general public.
Features of the ATP Certificate:
  • 16 hours of foundational psychiatric mental health content.
  • Available as on online program through the APNA eLearning Center.
  • Completed over a designated period of time, with specific start and end dates.
  • Content is self-paced with supplemental activities (discussion board, glossary of terms, case examples) as learners progress through the program.
  • Participants will be required to pass a post-test (80% or higher, up to 3 attempts) for each module before advancing to the next module, as well as an overall posttest derived from course objectives in order to pass the program and receive their certificate.
99% of participants agree that the ATP program:
  • Increases foundational knowledge, skills, and/or judgement in psychiatric-mental health.
  • Helps nurses provide safe and effective care to persons with psychiatric-mental health conditions.
  • Provides nurses with knowledge to improve patient outcomes.

*Payment must be received by APNA before login information is sent.