Institute for Safe Environments

Diane E. Allen MN, RN-BC, NEA-BC
Kathleen R. Delaney PhD, PMH-NP, RN

The Institute for Safe Environments (ISE) provides an integrated structure designed to thoughtfully address issues that impact the safety of persons served as well as service providers.


  1. Identify issues related to safe environments
  2. Explore current evidence related to issues
  3. Recommend strategies to promote safe, evidence-based, best practices

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Institute for Safe Environments
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Key Components/Elements of a “Safe” Environment

Identified by members of the Institute for Safe Environments
1. Culture and Ideology

2. Engagement
    (Safety via staff efforts to engage patients, expert practices on de-escalation)

3. Space and Equipment

4. Staff resources, education and training


5. Patient assessment and monitoring

6. Rules
    (sensible application of rules, movement, visitation, etc.)

7. Emergency Management

8. Error Prevention
    (handoff communications, distractions, blame-free reporting)

9. Physical Risks