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Video Screening Interviews Using the APNA Developed Alcohol, Nicotine and Opioid Resources

Contact Hours: 0.5
In this course you will observe short interviews using screening tools provided by the APNA Addictions Council.

Substance-Exposed Pregnancies: What to Know As They Grow

Contact Hours: 0.75
This presentation will explore how substance use during pregnancy impacts the maternal/fetal development and increases the neurological vulnerabilities of the neonate. The unique challenges and opportunities of providing care

36TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE KEYNOTE: How Racism, Socioeconomic Stratus, & Stress Affect Mental Health: And What We Can Do About It

Contact Hours: 1.0
An overview of the ways in which multiple aspects of racism combine with socioeconomic status (SES) and psychosocial stressors to affect physical and mental health. It also describes the added

APNA PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses: Activating Our Voices as We Evolve in Our Profession

Contact Hours: 0.75
Learn how to articulate your unique nursing role to colleagues, communities, and stakeholders. Then, explore how to advocate for the support you and your PMH nursing colleagues need from supervisors,

Addressing Unmet Needs in the Management of Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorder: New & Emerging Therapeutic Options to Enhance Treatment & Maximize Patient Outcomes

Contact Hours: 0.5 Pharmacology
Jointly provided by APNA and the PeerView Institute for Medical Education.

APNA PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS: Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses: Revolutionizing Access to Person-Centered Care

Contact Hours: 0.75
Explore how psychiatric-mental health nurses expand access to person-centered care through innovative improvements at all levels in order to meet the needs of diverse populations.

The Treatment of Bipolar Depression: From Pills to Words

Contact Hours: 1.0
Review the treatment options for individuals with bipolar depression, including clinical trials data and meta-analyses.

Ethical Considerations in Digital Mental Health

Contact Hours: 1.0
Explore how to use digital technologies for health research and clinical care while protecting patient privacy.

Annual Conference Session Archives

Contact Hours: 0.5-2.0
Recordings of PMH Nurse approved sessions from past conferences.

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