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To have recovery inspired trauma-informed systems of care as best practice for every psychiatric mental health nurse in all treatment settings where individuals experiencing a mental health or substance abuse illness can heal and grow.


To have psychiatric mental health nurses as a full partner with stakeholders in the creation and maintenance of recovery oriented systems of care.

Core Values

  • Recovery is possible for individuals with mental illness. 
  • It is important to empower individuals to achieve recovery.
  • Hope is an essential component of recovery and includes the belief that a meaningful life is possible.
  • Empowerment offers people the tools to help themselves.
  • Using person-first language demonstrates respect for all individuals.
  • Mental health recovery is a journey of healing and transformation enabling a person with a mental health problem to live a meaningful life in a community of his/her choice while striving to achieve his/her full potential (SAMHSA).


To educate and empower psychiatric mental health nurses in varied environments and at all levels of practice to utilize recovery oriented principles and promote recovery cultures.


  • Promote the use of recovery focused/person first language in all care settings, academic environments, governmental agencies and professional organizations.
  • Define “recovery” and “recovery-focused care in the context of culture, environment, education and special populations.
  • Seek feedback from all stakeholders engaged in care and academic settings when in workgroup and delivery products.
  • Examine recovery-focused resources.
  • Appraise recovery-focused interventions.
  • Develop strategies to influence psychiatric–mental health nurses to move toward recovery- focused care.
  • Develop and deliver guidelines and resources for environmental, educational, and population workgroups.

Council Meeting Premises

  • We use person first language.
  • We open our contribution with our name and close with “thank you.”
  • We spell out and define acronyms as needed.
  • We honor diverse experience and perceptions. 
  • We endeavor to hear and validate all remarks and observations.
  • We monitor our own input to allow all persons to contribute to the conversation in the time we have.


Recovery Resources  |  Recovery to Practice Task Force


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