Opportunity to Comment

The Joint Commission is seeking comments on its proposed revisions to the National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) Related to Suicide for hospitals.  APNA encourages all nurses to make their voices heard on this important issue (see suggested text below). Join us in taking action by following the steps below by Friday, April 28th:

Step 1
Click here to review the proposed revisions.
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Step 2
Click here to go to the Joint Commission's online form.
Fill out the form and submit your comments by following these steps:

  • Select Option 4 from the Field Review dropdown menu: Proposed Requirements of the National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) Related to Suicide for the Hospital accreditation program
  • Fill in the required fields (Name, email, perspective)
  • Enter your comments. Here is some text we recommend you consider using when submitting your comments:

    As a psychiatric-mental health nurse, I would like to congratulate the Joint Commission on their attention to the importance of identifying hospitalized individuals with psychiatric diagnoses who are at risk for suicide. Because inpatient nurses are the largest workforce providing care for suicidal patients, I strongly advocate that this patient safety goal be enhanced through the inclusion of competencies specifically for nurse assessment and management of inpatient suicide risk. The American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) developed and released competencies in 2014 and has taken the position that the dissemination of these competencies will improve outcomes in suicide risk assessment, prevention and intervention, ultimately increasing safety. This is in alignment with the Joint Commission's stated goals for this NPSG. To ensure patient safety, the provider who is performing suicide assessment should be trained, assessments should be comprehensive, and the management of the person at risk for suicide should incorporate evidence-based interventions. I therefore encourage you to integrate the APNA Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Essential Competencies for Assessment and Management of Individuals at Risk for Suicide, available online at www.apna.org/suicidecompetencies, into this National Patient Safety Goal.

    [insert any additional comments]

  • Hit the send button

Step 3
Click here to send a copy of your comments to inform@apna.org
by Friday, April 28th so that we can incorporate them into the organizational comments APNA will submit.


The time to take action is now. Please join your voice to that of your fellow nurses!

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