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2024 with light in sight!

2024 with light in sight!

January, 2024
At the dawn of a new year, I hope you, like me, are feeling energized to bring new ideas and goals to life.The primary goal I have set forth for myself in 2024 is to pay attention to my ability to connect meaningfully in every area of my life. I’ve even made “Connect” my word of the year!

Over the course of 2024, we will build together and unfold my presidential theme: Bringing Connection to Life for Ourselves, Those We Serve, & Each Other. I want to thank you for all the ways you bring connection to life as psychiatric-mental health nurses. Because the nature of our work is to foster healing and resilience often in time-limited engagements, we do not always get to see the full impact of the connections we make or the fruit of the connection skills we teach. I want to assure you that, whether you know it or not, as a psychiatric-mental health nurse you not only light the way for those around you, but you ignite a very important light within others that perpetuates the meaningful connection you experienced together.

To demonstrate the impact you can have when you bring connection to life with your colleagues or students, enjoy this video of a few APNA members sharing stories of their ‘PMH nurse luminaries’ at the APNA Annual Conference this past October. I am certain you’ll recognize yourself in what’s shared:

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As we welcome in a new year, I encourage you to pause and take notice of the light within you and the sparks you are igniting all around you. May we lift each other up and continue to bring hope, peace, belonging, joy, trust, love, faith, and healing to those we serve in 2024.

Lora Peppard, PhD, DNP, PMHNP-BC
American Psychiatric Nurses Association