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Be in Good Company

Be in Good Company

We’ve spent two years adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. Making constant changes may be new to the general public, but psychiatric-mental health nurses are accustomed to using science-based data to inform our decision making. We are a community that strives to stay on top of the latest findings in neuroscience and medication intervention. We recognize that the relationships we develop with patients are built on a foundation of trust for the safe, ethical, and science-based care we provide.

The APNA Clinical Psychopharmacology Institute (CPI) (in-person or via virtual livestream) offers the most up-to-date content designed by the people who know and value what you do most – fellow nurses. CPI keeps you current on the integration of psychopharmacology and neuroscience into clinical practice. The APNA CPI Program Committee has prepared an experience that will stretch our perspectives, improve our effectiveness, and give us the chance to be in the same space for the first time in two years!

Gather with us this June 9-12 to tap into the expertise of brilliant minds and replenish your spirit by connecting with your psychiatric-mental health nursing community. Share a laugh, a hug, and stories about all you’ve navigated these past couple years. Chances are we’ve all been through it, too.

I hope you will join us.

American Psychiatric Nurses Association